Dazzling Dubai !!!!

The moment you land up to the largest and most populous city of United Arab Emirates, you will able to see  some great architecture, spectacular skylines, obsession with fashion and styles and flourishing contemporary art and scene.

When I started my journey I thought it to be more of Las Vegas, but there were no colossal neon-lit shows, no show girls, no casinos, in fact gambling is Ban in Dubai.

Richness of Dubai !!!

Yes, it has no doubt that Dubai is Rich, but most of the people think that Dubai’s richness is due to it is part of Gulf and has a stock of oil for supplying to the world and making money, but the truth is that the revenue generated from oil business is just 7-9 % of total revenue generation of Dubai.
The major revenue comes from real estate, tourism, and land, the major reason of development of the city is its adoption of Western culture by its ruler’s. 
It mid 1980’s it was realised by the ruler’s that Dubai cant last long if its depends on the revenue from oil industry, so they started attracting and investing industries like Real Estate, Airline, Hotels, travels etc.

When to go to Dubai !!!

Dubai is steamy and hot in most of the year, best time to visit is November to March when temperatures is moderate. However in the last few years January has been considered the optimum month to travel to Dubai.
Still suggestion would be carry a loads of Sun’s cream and take heavy liquid diet to  stay fit and enjoying your travel.

For more info on local climate visit: https://www.travelonline.com/dubai/weather.html

Experience Dubai !!!

Many of people spend much of their time in shopping malls and departmental stores but know that we have shopping malls all over the world, here you should experience the rich traditional and modern culture of Dubai with the top most attractions of Dubai !!!!

1. The Burj Khalifa: 

Yes it is The Burj Khalifa, it is a living wonders of Dubai , the world tallest building with amazing work of art and incomparable feat of engineering, overall in concept and its working Burj Khalifa is unbeatable and has no peer.
It is around 828 mm high with more than 160 stories which makes it iconic from outside but its majestic to see it from close and inside. The design was made by leading architect group SWA Group

To book and visit Burj Khalifa log in to : http://www.burjkhalifa.ae

2. The Dubai Mall: 
Next to The Burj Khalia is a shopper’s paradise The Dubai mall, to call it a mere shopping mall would not be enough, trust me a whole day wont be enough to cover entire mall. Over more than 1200+ shops and 160 restaurants the venue is home for theme based indoor parks, ice world-/rings/ giant water fall and under water zoo.
Trust me you should accompany a guide with you to cover this giant mall.

3. Musical Fountain:
You will see the world’s largest choreographed  fountain shows. the show is a blend where the water jets dance in the music from different parts of world and different colours of lighting’s.
You can also experience the show from the middle of the lake by taking a boat ride, 

To know more visit:http://www.burjkhalifa.ae/en/around-the-burj/the-dubai-fountain.aspx

3. Atlantis The Palm:

Atlantis The Palm is the luxury hotel resort is located at the apex of the Palm Jumeirah at UAE.
The moment you arrive you will be immersed into dazzling world of imagination, pleasure and luxury. this place is best to relax, having fun, thrills and adventures for couple and families.
It provides an underwater aqua life, swimming with dolphins, complimentary access to aqua-venture water park.
Trust me you can have best of your stays in life, with great food , ambience , adventure and night life.

Too book your stay at Atlantis The Palm : https://www.atlantisthepalm.com

4. The Evening Dessert Safari:

A must do for everyone who is visiting Dubai, a lifetime experience, to share with your family and friends once you go back to your places. Trust me you will get many of the chances to do jungle safari’s but this one is a rare one you should not miss it. Travel and food Blog (TNF group), highly recommend you to do this activity, trust us it will be worth to spend your money on it.
The tour will start from various pick up points of Dubai from afternoon, you will get a chance to capture various scenic dessert beauty on way to your camp site destination.

Things to do at Dessert Safari:
Well the whole journey of dessert safari will become a destination and a memorable day but you will get a chance to perform various other activities 

  • Camel Riding
  • Sand Boarding
  • Enjoy the beautiful sunset with some delicious barbecue  and Shisha(Special Arabic Pipe)
  • You can enjoy a few drinks but it will be on chargeable basis.
  • Sand Skiing 
  • Last but not least Belly Dancing

For Bookings: Visit: http://www.desertsafaridubai.com/special-tours.html

Other Attraction’s of Dubai

  • The Dubai Creeks
  • The Etihad Museum 
  • Al- Fahidi : A Historical site

Trust me Dubai has many attractions to offer, you must give time exploring it, you will love fall in love with this city.

Taste the food of Dubai:

Apart from its architectural and infrastructure Dubai is also know for its multi-cultural cuisines. here you can find cuisines from different parts of the world India, Continental,  Chinese , Italian, Egyptian , Iranian and many more but being a travel and food freak you must try its local street flavours

Being as a meat lover I found some unbeatable dish in my diaries of Dubai

  1.  Shish Tawook It is basically a kebab with local Dubai Flavour’s, it has it place in the menu cards of almost every restaurants in Dubai, itsis best served with garlic dip, local flavours pickles.
  2. Manousheh: Its is basically a Arabic pizza filled with chicken/meat local spices and spreads. it was one of the best breakfast food i had in Dubai
  3. Shawarma: 

This is a most common dish which can be found in every streets of dubai, moreover its very popular in entire Asia. This dish is made of chicken/lamb/garlic sause and pickles, veggies and fries.

For me Dubai was a amazing experience, a life time memory to share with friends, family and you guys, Thanks to all my travel partner’s for one of the best tours of our life!!!!

Yes !! special thanks to all travel and food blog member for thoughts on our Dubai Trip

Hope you enjoyed reading !!!!! 

For booking you can always try out visiting:



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