Tadoba  Tiger Reserve

#Remembered ?????????????????????  #TNF-Blog-post#Jungle book ; when we decided to experience mother nature, where we do not need to follow traffic rules but where rules are decided by nature and animals.

In order to continue our series this time Travel and food stories #TNF visited the largest yet most untouched tiger reserve’s of India ” Tadoba Andhari” Tiger Reserve.

 #JUNGLE-BOOK-PART#Wild Life Sanctuary Trip 2:

TNF-pedia – About the Place: 

Most of the Tiger Reserve’s now have been commercialised of Tourism business, Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve is the most uncommon tourist spot but trust me it is the largest reserve of Maharashtra and falls in Top Ten under the charts of Tiger Reserves of India.

The name Tadoba is the name of The God “Tadoba” or Taru praised by tribal people who live in dense forest of the Tadoba and Andhari Region, while Andhari river that meanders through the forest gives the name “Andhari”.

It is situated in Chandrapur district of Maharashtra

In the year 1935 Hunting was completely banned, in another 20 years i.e. in 1955 an area of around 116 sq.km. was been declared as National Park, Later on in 1986 adjacent forest of Andhari was been declared as the Wild life Sanctuary, In 1995 both the Park and Sanctuary were merged and made as present “Tadona Andhari Tiger Reserve”


Floral’s at Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve:

Trust me as per my knowledge and my visit to various National Parks earlier, We have found that Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve is one of the most dense forest.
Tadoba Tiger Reserve  is a tropical deciduous forest with very dense woodlands. Teak tree and Bamboo thickets grow through out the reserve.
Talking with the reserve tour guide during our safari we have found the various common floral species like Bija, Salai, Dhauda, Hald, Tendu, Mahua , Semal.
We have also found afore resistant species Axlewood(Anogissus) growing in the forest.
The forest consist mix patches of trees and grasses, whereas lake is surrounded by Black Plum  tress.
You will also discover  medicinal plant like Velvet Bean, Bija, and Beheda.

Tigers and other Fauna l’s at Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve:

As now it is winter season so the forest cover is very dense and moreover we took a morning safari so the animal sighting was very less. But yes the conversation with our safari guide helped us to learn about the Fauna of Reserve.
There are around 88 tiger’s in the reserve as of the recent counting. Apart from this Royal Species reserve you can find Indian Leopard, Sloth Bear , Giant Bisen, Nilgai, Deer, Sambar Deer, Nilgai, Jungle Cats.
You can also sight reptiles like India Cobra, Russel Viper and Python.
The reserve and lake is a paradise for birds, Guide- Rahul told us that more than 150 species of birds can be sighted in this Reserve, we managed to sight India Owl, Peacock, India Pita and endangered bird species ” The crested Serpent Eagle”.
Apart from it the reserve has many species of butterflies, insects and spiders.

Overall the reserve has a extensive floral and fauna. One can have a great wildlife expereince.

When to go?

As like all other National Parks, Tadoba Andhari is open from 15-October to 30th June every year.
If you want to sight maximum animals then summers Mid March to Mid June are the best time to visit as the forest get’s very dense  after rainy and remains dense in winters, during summers the forest grasses and trees becomes dry and the visibility is more during those(summer) times.
However note that the summer’s are very hot there, you may not like the temperature.

Climate at Tadoba:

As I was going to one of the dense forest in winter season my travel bag was full of my Winter Wardrobes, but trust me my shorts and my T-shirt were my partners for my whole trip.
The climate at Tadoba is not cold as expected, During winters it varies from 10 degree C to 25 degree C, however summers are very hot and the maximum temp. goes go 47 degree C.

Reaching the Reserve:

The Reserve is in Chandrapur district of Maharashtra state of India; it is well connected roads with all the nearby districts.
The nearby Airport is in Nagpur district of Maharashtra state of India; Nagpur is connected with all major airlines to major cities of India.
Below here are one of the popular airline of India:

Where to stay?

The Tadoba Andhari Tiger reserve is most uncommon tourist spot’s of the state, it is the upcoming wildlife tourism destination so you may not find much hotel nearby the reserve. Tiger Village and Jharna Jungle Lodge are two luxury resorts nearby the forest zone.
We booked our stays at Jharna Jungle Lodge.

TNF-Story-Jharna Jungle Lodge


We stayed for 3 days and 2 nights at the resort, the resort was comfortable but as mentioned the wildlife tourism is yet to come at Tadoba, so if you are planning to for a party and fun weekender holiday there; just hold on the thought, the place is very calm and quite, swimming pool and safari’s are the only recreational arrangement at the resort’s. Liquor is banned as Chandrapur is a dry(alcohol-free) district.
But trust me the resort will offer you a great hospitality,the wildlife lover’s will have a great time.. Jharna Jungle Lodge is located within the 200 meters periphery of the Reserve, it is adjacent to the buffer zone of the forest so you can have an amazing experience of living in a wild life. The lodge has 14 beautiful designed cottages with a private sitting veranda, it also has recreational zone like common swimming pool ,library and game zones.
The resort can offer you guided Nature walk and birds watch.


The resort has common food zone with a buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner at the fixed specific timings.
The kitchen was managed by professional chef, where they  offer you multi- cuisines, Chinese, Continental, and typical Indian Food.
I suggest you to choose typical Indian meal where you will be served food cooked with organic and farm fresh vegetables and fruits. You will have non-veg meal options too.


The food was simple cooked with basic spices yet it had a great taste.

Overall lodging and food experience was satisfactory; we suggest you to travel the place in groups as you may feel bore if you travel solo but for wildlife lovers this place is a heaven.

For bookings and good deals visit: http://www.jharanajunglelodge.com/#home

For more information about Tadoba you may contact official mail-id of Travel and food Blog: travelandfood.logs@gmail.com

Enjoy Travel !!!! Travel More; Eat Healthy


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