Travel Food

Travel Food: The Snack Bag for your travelling

Struggling for good food while travelling?????
S tucked in a place where there is nothing which you can EAT????
Yes its obvious that we struggle on eating healthy foods while our travel !!!!!!
Here we we will discuss the plans and strategies that will help you to eat healthy and fresh foods and be stress free and fit while you are travelling for your work or vacations.

Pre-travel preparations:

Few things have to be noted before travelling to any destination!!!
  • How many Days and no of pax. travelling with you : In-order to carry right quantity of food
  • Who all are travelling with us? : Especially we should note about our little kids and elderly parents who can easily get ill due to unhealthy food practice while travelling
  • Local Food Habits: Search about local food habits of the place we are travelling as this will give idea about whether you can feed yourself with local food or you have to carry your own stuffs.

Once I was travelling to Chiang-Mai -northern capital of Thailand, there i encountered a serious problem of local food habits, as most of the restaurants cooked food with trans-fat, moreover there were mostly sea food and red meat availability in most of the restaurant. Rarely I could found chicken, egg or vegetarian dishes.


Thanks to McDonald’s and KFC where I could feed myself .

  • Tools to be carried: which we could carry in car or which can make through from Security checks at the airport- like utensils, knife, hot water bottle carrier and snack pack bag.
  • Hotel or Guest Rooms: Checking about hotel amenities like mini fridge, tea maker, electric stove, is very important as it will help us to manage and store our food for longer duration

The Food:

You should carry various Perishable items (depending upon the tools and amenities you could ge)  and all Non Perishable Items while travelling.
Here are the few list of Foods you can Carry along with you wile travelling.
  • Theplas / Pan-cakes: Theplas is basically a Gujarati Dish which can be stored up-to 7-10 days , it is made from wheat and gram flour along with various other spices. Trust me they are one of my best travel food partner. It best goes with a Raw Mango/Garlic Pickle.

Nutrition Facts of Theplas:

Nutrition Value per Thepla’s


For detail recipe of Thepla’s Visit:

Nuts: You can carry various nuts like Cashew/ Almonds/ Peanuts, they are very reach source of Protein, Carbohydrate and Energy. As while travelling you will require lot many energy they will surely help you for that. Moreover they are also best partner for your booze…….lollzzzzzz

  • Canned Juice/Fruits: Well I always beleive to have fresh fruits and freshly made juices as they are more benificial for your health however you can carry canned one’s especially while you are travelling in a car. As in roads you might not find any shops or resturants. But you should equipped with fridge or ice packs/gell in your car

You can also take few durable fruits like dates, orranges, Green apples which are very good source of energy and Vitamin C.


  • Jhalmuri/Puffed Rice Snack:  Jhalmuri is basically a bengali snack where puffed rice is mixed with various other ingidents like sev. , peanuts, coconuts cashew nuts, roasted bengal gram. It is very light/tastier and healthier snack to carry. you may carry it very easily without littering it in your luggage.
  • Banana Chips :  Banana chips are easily available in the market and are simly fabulous on taste buds. You can also prepare them in home, all you need to do is slice some raw banana into thin same, deep fry them, sparkle some salt , red chilli powder and black pepper powder onto it and store it in a air tight container for upto days longer.
  • Protien Bars/Choclates: There are Various Choclate and Protien Bars available in the market. They could be easy and good source of Energy/Protien and Fibres for you.

But all the above you should enjoy your travel, explore new cultures and traditions, new places, interact with new people.




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