Best honeymoon Destinations

Best honeymoon Destinations

The Honeymoon phase is so much fun in real life, when you meet and discover somebody new and fall in love and chase them. The Persuit, and the climatic final moment of ultimate togetherness.

-Lines by Lucas Neff
Honeymoon is a holiday taken by newly wedded couples to celebrate and enjoy their post marriage private and intimate moments.
Honeymoon helps in establishing love between a couple. It helps you get time to know each other, their ups, downs, habits, like, dislikes and getting comfortable to generate physical relationship’s with each other.
So I believe Honeymoon is the first secluded holiday of a newly married couple where they travel, romance and have fun with each other.
Here I have tried to find some great honeymoon destinations where you can kick start your new and permanent love affair.

1. Bora Bora Island, French Polynesia:
The Romance Centre

Floating suites/room’s over the lagoon. a blend of privacy with nature and your partner will make you feel of heaven. The aqua-venture activities will again on the kick in your romantic moments.
Bora Bora Island is the island group in the leeward group in the western parts of the Society island of French Polynesia and is surrounded by barrier reef and lagoon.

Experience: Bora Bora is a superlative romantic spot where you can enjoy your intimate time with your partner, romantic dinner at beach with some mouth watering local food. Beside this there are many more adventure to do like sunbathe and swim in white sandy beaches surrounded with palm trees, shark feeding, natural underwater dive in with aquatic life’s, shark feeding, experience the lagoons and clear blue sea taking a glass bottom boat.

How to Reach: To Get Bora Bora you must fly to French Polynesia Faa’a International airport , at Papetee the main island of Taahiti, from their you may find various air Carriers

Best Time to visit: Well I believe the best time to visit Bora Bora is soon after your marriage😃 , if talking about weather November to April remains pleasant.

Where to stay: Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora:

Luxurious over water bungalows and beach front villas with a view of Mount Otemanu, the resort has a spacious bungalows made comfortable for couples to enjoy their intimate time. They also offers various entertainment indoor activities like Tennis Court and outdoor activities like Snorkelling, Shark Feeding under water dive in and much more.

For booking:;label=gog235jc-region-XX-pf-boraNbora-unspec-in-com-L%3Aen-O%3AwindowsS10-B%3Achrome-N%3Ayes-S%3Abo-U%3Asalo-H%3As;sid=c7494e9f816302f7162df26e2f492723;dest_id=900054086;dest_type=city;dist=0;hapos=1;hpos=1;room1=A%2CA;sb_price_type=total;srepoch=1516820460;srfid=7e8111da1ecf8ccad68404a7208e1b89436fca92X1;srpvid=53e685b54dbd061d;type=total;ucfs=1


The cluster of one lakh island with its natural beauty, beautiful beaches and adventurous activities all together make it a perfect location to start the permanent love affair😄 ; your newly wedded life
Experience: Untouched beautiful beaches, Islands, Coral reef, water sports, snorkelling, scuba diving.

How to Reach: Lakshadweep is a cluster of islands and is the union territory of India. Tourist has to take visiting permission from Kerala state of India, where it can be reach by Air or Sea.
By Air: Aggati island is only one which has airport, which is connected with Kochi Airport of India.
By Sea: You can also reach by sea, many passenger’s ship travel from Kochi to Island, however it remains close during monsoons and it takes 18-20 hours usual travel time.
Best Time to visit: You may visit from October to March, however the island is blessed with tropical climate ranges 25-35 degree C. so climate remains pleasant all over the year.
Where to stay: Corral Paradise Beach Resort-
It offers a nature friendly and a secluded cottages for the couples, where they can spend their good times, It is close to the beach where they can enjoy romantic walks and even swimming.

3. Queenstown New Zealand

Gone are the days when a couple wants to spend their honeymoon moments just clicking pictures standing in middle of flower valleys and snow valleys, now they want much more.
Today they want something more, something more adventurous.

What’s in the Place????

1. Do you want a relaxing honeymoon moment: Every moment of your stay can be celebrated in Queenstown, with a mesmerising view of lakes and mountains. Trust me you can sit all day long and celebrate the start of your romantic journey.

2. Want some more relaxation: Go out for a wine tour in the province top notch wineries and spend some dramatic moments in your life.

3. Spend a day like a star !!! : Take a heli ride , go on top a mountain, enjoy your a picnic in middle of scenic beauty with a romantic lunch/dinner, yoga, hot pool spa and massage for you both.

4. Want some Kick in your permanent love affair???

Queenstown New Zealand will take you away from the busy life , and connect with each other as a married couple with some NO many adventure activities. Challenge yourself with heart throbbing skydiving, bungy jumping, jet skiing and helicopter rides.
How to Reach: New Zealand provides International and National Air connectivity from all across the world. More over it also provide bus connectivity within the New Zealand to reach Queenstown.

Best Time to visit: No matter when you get married, Queenstown New Zealand will give you distinct reason in all parts of years. In summers you will find long days and pleasant nights to enjoy the mountain valleys and beauties and hold on for activities. Winters will cover the place with snow and give you chance of skiing and other activities. Autumn has bright colors and spring will give you playful snow, So just go and enjoy your permanent love affair !!

Where to stay: There you can find many heritage hotels, apartments, holiday homes and chain hotels to make your comfortable stay

For bookings:

4. Capetown :

Travel-Food-Fun as like the core ingredients of my Blog, Capetown is a blend TRAVEL (Beautiful landscapes, Jungle Safari’s ), FOOD ( Mouth-watering food cuisines, some great vineyards) & Fun (Events, festivals and party).
So if you want to kick start your wedding journey with travel-food-fun Capetown is the perfect place.

1. Nature and Adventure: Talk about the city and the people they are the nature, animal and adventure lover.

You may take a city tour driving your own with a bicycle or explore the scenic beauty of valley by a car.
If you want to encounter wildlife you can go on a jungle safari’s to check-in the the jungle beast Lion, and many other animals like Giraffe, Zebra, Leopard.

2. Food:
I believe Food and Wine are the integral part of City, You will some amazing restaurants, food streets and wineries to offer you mouth watering food all across the globe.

Moreover you will find some great picnic spot at hill tops, restaurant’s with a great scenic view, ice cream parlours and cafes’s .

3. Fun:
Cape- towner’s are known as Party and Fun lover’s; you may join music festivals which is organised all round the year.
If you are the theatre art lover then you can enjoy some great play and opera’s on Shakespeare.

Partying, Clubbing, Wine and Dance are in the genes of the capetowner’s. So If you want to add on spice and fun in your marriage affair then do not bother and just enjoy drinking and dancing.

How to Reach: Capetown city is served by Capetown International Airport which has connectivity with all the major cities of the world

For Bookings:

Best Time to visit: Capetown encounter fun activities all round the year, however late January to April are the best time for Beach holidays, April to June are best time for Hiking and June to August will offer you Food Safari’s.

Where to stay: You will find many luxury chain hotels , you may choose as per your budget. The Taj & The Presidents would be one of the best choose.


What’s your Story ?????

No no.. it is not a place, Travel and Food Blog or rather world would love to hear your Honeymoon Travel Story.
If you would like to share, you can write to us your honeymoon travel stories, experience and travel photographs (sight seeing and travel) , we will feature your story on our blog and face book page




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