Chitrakote Waterfall : Niagara Fall of India

Nature shows its beauty in various kinds and types. It has many surprises and sights  to offer !! One of such dramatic and powerful creation of nature is waterfall.

The flow, The Roar Sound and The Speed of waterfall itself describes the power of nature.

#Experiencing Chitrakote Waterfall

One day I was sipping a cup of tea with my local friend in Chhattisgarh and mentioning him about the beauty of The Niagara Falls at United States. I was also telling hum about my dream and plans to visit The Niagara Falls.
Suddenly with a sense of humour he replied that I need not to wait for my U.S travel to visit The Niagara, instead he told The Credible Chhatisgarh can offer you the Niagara Falls.

Further in conversation with him I came to know about the famous water fall #The Niagara Falls of India ” Chitrakote Waterfall”

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#TNF-Pedia about the place:

Chitrakote waterfall is one of the largest and wildest waterfalls of India so it got its name as The Niagara Falls of India.

Chitrakote waterfall is located at the Bastar District of Indian State Chhatisgarh. It is 38 km towards the west of Jagdalpur City.
It falls on River Indravati which originates from Odisha which travels to Chitrakoot and falls from a height of 95 feet. The wideness of fall depends upon the water level of the river, its best is  around 150 m wide which forms a C-shape Fall.

When to visit the place:

If you want to enjoy and feel the wildest yet most beautiful fall of Chitrakote The monsoon season July-September is the best time to visit  Wherein the water touches both side of  bank , it reaches to the widest level 150 m which makes it a perfect C-shape fall.
However you can also visit during November to March, herein the weather will be cool and pleasant, and you can manage to have a hassle free visit.
During the summers the fall becomes narrow as the flow of the river reduces.
However in Winters and Summers you can experience the water sport and reach close to the fall with a boat.

How to Reach the Destination.

Chitrakote waterfalls is located 38 km away towards the west of Jagdalpur City and is well connected with Road, Rails and Airways.

By Road: It is around 300 KM from the capital city Raipur of the Indian State Chhatisgarh. You could find various Bus and Travellers to reach the destination. You could also have a private taxi or you can drive your own to reach the destination.

By Rails: The City Jagdalpur is well connected with rail routes between Raipur and Visakhapatnam

By Air: It has a nearest airport at the state Capital Raipur, Various airlines listed below provided services to Raipur.

#TNF-Travel and Food Blog- story- #Trip to The Niagara Falls of India

Another Weekender and it was time to get out of hectic schedule Enjoy the Travel, Experience The Nature, have some great food and fun.

This time was to check the wild creation of nature # the majestic journey of a water to make its best form “The Chitrakot Waterfall”

I started around 6 A.M on Saturday Morning, the trip was scheduled for 1 night , I drove my Maruti Suzuki Swift Car. It was a cool pleasant weather with a smell of winter season.

It will be a long 7 hour journey, On Board You will find various Restaurants(Dhabbas) among the highway where you can have food and snack.

#TNF-pedia -Recomendation of the Restaurants to re-fuel yourself on board to Chitrakote Waterfall

The Makri Dhaba: 

It will fall on the Raipur -Jagdalpur Road arround 135 km from Raipur which will took you 2 hours and 35 min from Raipur,+Chhattisgarh/Hotel+Makri’s+Pride,+Makri+Dhaba,+On+Raipur+Jagdalpur,+National+Highway+43,+Makrikhuna,+Kanker,+Chhattisgarh+494334/data=!4m8!4m7!1m2!1m1!1s0x3a28dda23be28229:0x163ee1204ff9e240!1m2!1m1!1s0x3a2efd0a5e628dad:0x546c162e212e6ed5!3e0?sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwikpYyKy4LYAhWIK48KHU5YBbQQox0INTAA

Here you will find all Indian cuisines, Mughlai Food, but the Restaurant is famous for its Punjabi Food

You must try Stuffed Chapatis (Potatoes, Cottage Cheese and Mix-Veg) with Black Gram Curry( Dal Makhani-Kali Dal)

After a healthy and delicious food we moved on our journey and reached our hotel by 13:30

Our stays:

I booked my stays at the  hotel near Chitrakote Fall “Dandami Resort  & Hotel” , it’s a luxury resort just in-front of the fall which is run by Chhatisgarh Government.
The hotel has a majestic view of Waterfall from every rooms. The rooms size is big and  equipped with all required amenities like AC, T.V sitting space
Each room is attached with bathroom with provision of Hot and cold Water and Western Style W.C

For bookings visit:

Things to do !!

After an hour of relaxing and sighting of beautiful waterfall I decided to explore the nature creation more  so I decided to move out of my hotel and get close to the fall. As learned it was a wild 95 feet waterfall. However the width of fall was not so big as I was 2 months late from the monsoon season
Near to The falls you will find a path which will take you down to other bank of the river where the water will falls. The water falls and flows to Andra-Pradesh where it finally reaches its destination and meets to the River Godavari.
There you will find various water sports activities but the most epic one is travelling close to the fall with a boat.
Each boat will have 3-4 helmsman who sails the boat carrying 10-12 people at a time. They Will take you close to the waterfall.
Trust me it was a heart throbbing journey, he took very close to the fall. where I could actually feel its roar. The flow was not less than a waves of a deadly ocean. It made me remind we cannot challenge the nature. Above all she is the supreme creation of the God

But nevertheless it was a great experience to get close to the fall,i felt the mist effect of the fall which refreshed me gave a new bathing experience

#TNF-Pedia# Food at Dandami Resort:
The resort has  a common food zone, they don’t give room service. They have their own menu from which you can order the food of your choice.
The serving timings are fixed and limited. The restaurant do not serve after 10:00 P.M
As I was in Bastar district which is famous for one of the most healthy yet most delicious breed of chicken ” Kadakath” – locally called as Kadaknath Murga is famous for its black blood and flesh.
So I ordered the same.

Honestly the food was not so good and tasty, chicken could be prepared with some more taste. moreover the hotel was out of the food stock so they could not serve the food as mentioned in the menu.
So this time the food memory was not worth to share moreover I will suggest you to speak to the resort manager about your food requirement prior 1-2 days of your visit.

Other Things to Do:

At night you can ask for a Bon-fire, where you can sit with your travel buddies and enjoy the cool weather. On next day I decided to visit other nearby attractions. Trust me the Bastar district gave me  lot many things for my travel memories.

#Teerathgarh Waterfall
#Kanger Valley National Park
#Kutumsar caves

It was all about my visit to The Niagara Fall of India – “The Chitrakote Falls” , It made me remind of a very famous quote of John Lubbock “Earth and Sky, Mountains and Sea, Lakes and River, Waterfall and wood-field are the excellent school master’s and teach some of us more than we can learn from our text books

So #Keep#travelling#Eat#Healthy#Have#Fun


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