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Incredible India, the land of God and festivals.

India being a diverse cultured country celebrates each festivals with full joy and happiness, each festival has a significance and celebration.

Apart from religious sentiments I believe that  in today’s era when everybody is busy handling  their professional and daily pressures and   here there is no time for self and family, festival plays a vital role in creating a bond among friends and family.

Festivals is a time for celebration and relaxation, they celebrate together at home or they travel during the festive holidays.

Now it is that time of year when India celebrates the most popular and colourful festival HOLI.


Holi, the festivals of colour’s, music, dance , and unlimited fun. This festival is celebrated among all parts of country and each region has a significant and different style of celebration.

Here are the most popular Holi Event’s in India

1. Mathura Vrindavan:

The most popular celebration of this festivals held’s in Braj,  Braj a cluster of many places like Mathura, Vrindavan , Barsana and other nearby town’s of Uttar Pradesh State of India which is also known for birthplace of Hindu  Lord Shri Krishna and place where he grew up and lived his life.

If you are planning to go to Braj you have many events to enjoy starting from a week before Holi

  • Lath-Mar or Holi with sticks: It is a traditional holi rituals  where women playfully beats men with stick(Lath). It takes place a week before the Holi Day, this time it will be celebrated on 24th of February. It takes place in the neighbouring town of Mathura District of Uttar-Pradesh state of India.


After enjoying the Lath-Mar event head towards Mathura Vindavan for  week long events and celebration.

  • Phoolon Wali Holi: It is a special event which is been celebrated at Bake Bihari Temple where the devotees worship Bihari ji(Krishna Ji another name)with white dress and play with flowers(known as phoolon wali holi). It will starts from 25th or 26th February and will be celebrated till 1st March.


  • Holi Day/event: On Holi (March 2, 2018), the best place to catch the throwing of colors is Dwarkadheesh Temple in Mathura. Start the day early (at around 7 a.m) at Vishram Ghat to see priests making bhang.

The Braj is well connected from all the major cities of the country

2.  West Bengal:

If you like to enjoy some cultural events then head towards the sweetest Part of India West Bengal. Singing and Dancing are the integral part of West Bengal Hence forth  you will enjoy the festival with singing and dancing.

Holi known as Dol Utsav in West Bengal is celebrated a day before the Holi Rang Utsav or we can say on the day of Holika Dehan(Bonfire night).. Well each part of West Begal celebrates this festival with high enthusiasm and fun but few of them are on top of charts.

  • Basanta or Dol Utsava at Shantiniketan: Rabindranath Tagore started Dol utsav in his institution with colourful cultural programmes. From then each year Shantiniketan celebrates this festival with various cultural events, music , dance to celebrate the spring seasonThe students of Visva-Bharoti celebrate Basanta utsav in very special way. They make the festival more colourful and attractive to all came from outside the district and also from abroad by their magnificent live performance.maxresdefault


  • Folk Festival-Purulia: Not like a typical booze and DJ party but  If you want to enjoy the festival with essence of cultural theme, traditional music(Bengali Baul Songs),and dance then this is just the right place. Purulia is a district of West Begal State of India which is 5-6 hours train journey from Kolkata Station, however you can hire a taxi or a cab to reach the destination. The event Folk Festival is a three days event and lead up-to the day of Holi. Here-in the local villagers and artist perform the traditional folk dance Natua, Darbari Jhumur and Chau and also the traditional music Bengali Baul Song. On the main holi event you can play with colours (Gulaal).



3. Punjab Di holi- Anandpur Sahib:

Though the colour’s and gulaal are the integral part of the festival, now it has added with music, dance and booze but traditionally holi in Punjab is celebrated as Holla Mohalla where sikh’s with turbans perform traditional defence acts and dance.

It was first organized at Anandpur Sahib-Punjab  by Sikh Guru Gobind Singh to celebrate Holi. Instead of throwing colors, you will  see a demonstration of physical agility. There’s wrestling, martial arts, mock sword fights, acrobatic military exercises, and turban tying.



4. Udaipur-Rajasthan-The Royal Holi:

Celebrate the festival with the Royal Families in the palace of Udaipur district of Rajasthan state of India. Herein the royal family takes active participation in celebrating holi starting from Holika Dahan(Bonfire) to Fire works , from Royal Band to colour spraying an unforgettable regal experience for your life.

The holi of Udaipur is famous all across the country .

Holi in Udaipur is celebrated throughout the city. Though royal and best of the celebrations are seen in and around City Palace and Manek Chowk. The event starts withh Holika dahan and is followed by a large and vibrant rally, accompanied by royal family members, sitting on  camels, elephants and horses. A music band also plays in the rally. This royal procession starts from Shambhu Niwas Palace and moves up to Manek Chowk royal residence. Finally, the cocktail and dinner are served at the royal palace and the celebration ends with magnificent fireworks. Then on the day of Holi the locals and tourists rejoice holi throughout the city. In several parts of old Udaipur, local people play with dry and wet colours, water guns and balloons. Buckets full of coloured water are thrown at anyone and everyone, walking by. Households prepare traditional sweets and local people dance and sing folk songs to rejoice the merriment. Even, every hotel and resorts in Udaipur, arranges for holi celebrations with live DJ, colours and refreshments.holi-at-city-palace-udaipur.jpg


5. Family Wali Holi:

Well the last note is not about famous celebration or place its a  Travel and Food Stories note on Holi celebration.

If you do not get a chance to join the famous celebration, celebrate it where ever you are, so out of house. Travelling is not about going long but going out of your daily routine life.

download (1).jpg

Holi is the most popular festivals of the country where people enjoy the festivals with friends and family. Everybody spray colours on each other, dance on the rhythm of Dhol and DJ on special holi and party songs. They enjoy the festival with some amazing food like gujia, and drinks like Bhaang, thandai and  lassi. You will find each street of India celebrating the festival with unlimited fun.

So wish u a very happy Holi, Enjoy the festival, party hard and play safe with women’s and children’s. 

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  1. Hello, I liked the way u described this colourful festival, Holi. Ur blog has all the colours of this festival.
    I am doing a series of posts on festivals of India. If you have no issues can I link your article?

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