Bhopal Food Story

Bhopal Food Story !

Bhopal , the city of lakes, the heart Indian state Madhya Pradesh. It is one of the most peaceful and green city of the country.

The city has a mix influence of the Muslims, Mughals and Hindu’s, it can be easily seen in the architecture of the city. The fusion of muslim and hindu culture will offer your a strong culinary vibes to explore food.

The city will offer you huge food varieties for all types of meal, from a simple Poha-Jalebi to Chole Bhature ,from Paya soup to Nawabi Ghost(Lamb), and Masala Chai (Tea) to Pasta’s and Pizza’s your food orgasm will be on top on your food journey at Bhopal.

Trust me the city has so much food to offer, your stomach will ask for food break up 😉

Lets get on board to this beautiful journey of # Food speciality of Bhopal # Bhopal food special # Bhopal street food

I belong from Bhopal but from past 6-7 years I reside out of Bhopal. Though Bhopal is my home town I went very blank on this journey, moreover it was my first visit after my blog started. So it was important to know Bhopal’s food culture as a Travel and Food Blogger.

I went for a very short trip of 2 days so every moment was important for my travel diaries, I reached the city by morning 6 A.M, I took a local transport and ask him for the tea, as expected he mentioned about Jamal Chai Shop . The people of Bhopal commonly called as Bhopal’s are very talkative so in the very own Bhopali manner he told me Brother “pure India main apko Jamal Bhai se Achi Chai koi nai pilayega” (You wont get the tea in whole country better than Jamal Bhai tea shop)

  • Sulaimani Chai (Tea); Jamal Bhai Chai Shop:


Sweet, Salty, creamy, strong , all such flavours in a single sip of tea, its like all the flavour’s are fighting in your pallet and giving a taste which you wont able to forget for your life time. The tea has a flavours of creaminess of milk, sweetness of sugar a little hint of salt and tea herb, the final dollop of fresh cream makes it royal and amazing Sulaimani Chai(tea).

The tea stall is located at Itwara Road, old bhopal city.

  • Poha & Jalebi; Kalyan Singh Swad Bandhar:

Pohe or Poha Jalebi, the most loved breakfast/snacks of Bhopal. It’s a light rice puff cooked with onion’s, peanuts, pees, and simple spices, on top of it Laung Sev(clove’s flavoured Indian Mixture) is been added with lemon juice. The jalebi are the Indian sweet which is optional, but trust me the combination of Poha and jalebi is like Romeo & Juliet.

I had poha for many times in my breakfast, but Kalyan Singh Swad Bhandhar was best, it has all the flavours the aroma of mustard and cumin, the sharpness of green chilli, tang of lemon, a pinch of sugar sweetness.

The shop is serving Bhopal Best Poha Jalebi for yearsssssssssssss, still the taste is amazing.


It is located at Itwara Road, near Jama Masjid.

  • Kebab’s, Tikka’s, Biryani & Much More:

As like Lucknow the city has a influence of Mughlai food, Mughal’s when travelled to this place in 16th century for trade purpose has left a influence in the taste of non-veg, from Paya soup to Shawarma you will find mouth watering and amazing non-vegetarian food.

1. Kebab’s; Jameel Restaurant:


Jameel restaurant is one oft the most famous non-vegetarian’s of Bhopal offering authentic Mughai food. The restaurant is very basic and not so luxury but known for best mutton stew, kebab’s and mutton korma in the city.

The best taste for my pallet was the Kebab’s, the minced meat mixed with spices barbecued in low charcoal flame gives a typical awadhi taste.

#Do try Mutton Stew, Ghost Korma and Seek Kebab

The restaurant is pocket freindly, located at Ibrahimpura, Peer Gate Area Near Moti Masjid & Chatori Gali, Bhopal 462001, India +91 92296 68827

2. Shwarma’s ; Murga on Wheels:


The Shawarma’s at Murga on wheel made me remembered my Dubai Diaries, the taste wasof authentic Shawarma’s with chicken, veggies, mayo sauces and the spices. It was been served with Green Chutney(Green Chilley, Corriander,Mint and spices mixed paste) and onions.


Apart from the Chciken and Paneer Shwarma’s Murga on Wheels are famous for Grilled Chicken, Butter Chicken and Breads.

#Do try Shawarma& Grilled chicken

It is located at 6 no Bus stop , Shivaji Nagar opposite Hawker’s Food Zone Bhopal, M.P 462021

  • Paya Soup, Varki Samosa and Ghost Korma

Where: Chatori Gali, Ibrahimpura Bhopal:


Chatori Gali as like the name, it is heaven for non-veg and street food lovers, to add on chatori gali at Bhopal is like Chandni Chowk for Delhi.

However the gali is open throughout the day but you will enjoy as the sun sets and time for stars to twinkle. The gali will be filled with the aroma’s of Paya Soup, Kebab’s, and Ghost Korma(Lamb Cury).

Paya Soup:

To start with go and ignite your appetite with a Paya Soup lamb boiled in broth at low flame all day long with very less and significant spices cornflour to give a thick consistency and garnished with herbs and shredded lambs. Trust me it is different from Paya soup served at different parts of country.


Bun Kebab:

Then go ahead to Bun Kebab stall where kebab is served between the bun, it will look alike vada pao but with non-veg version, the taste was very common, if you want to add one food to your diary you can taste it once.

Varki Samosa:

Next turn is for Varki Samosa, unlike the name samosa, its is stuffed with Mutton Keema, a dish worth tasting.

Ghost Korma; Gazala Hotel, Chatori Gali- Bhopal

The most famous restaurant of Chatori Gali offering finest Ghost Korma and special kulcha(Indian Bread).


The Ghost Korma is a thick stew(gravy) of lamb cooked with peppers, fried onions and spices goes amazing with little sweet kulcha. The korma made me remembered of Riyaz restaurants at Jabalpur city of M.P

  • The Cafe culture: Chinese/Continental/Indian Food

    Bhopal being influenced by both modern and traditional culture has a lot of diverse population and their diverse nature. On one hand in the streets of old Bhopal I found not so luxury, on the other hand I found few cafe which has been developed in the new Bhopal which is well decorated as like European Pubs.

1. The Public House Cafe:

Where: Lower ground floor, Mahadev Complex, opposite Board Office, 7, Service Road, No 6 Locality, Shivaji Nagar, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh 462016

The multi cuisine cafe cum restaurants is well decorated with urban concept interior where you can go and enjoy some good food and beverages. The walls are well decorated with portraits and quotes.


If you are out with your friends food with music will make your day, Solo travellers need not to worry you will get accompany of some good books and novels where you can spend your day out with good food and ambience.

The Public House cafe has impressed me a lot with their food and ambience, at first instance I felt to enter a place like Hauz Khas Village or similar place at Mumbai or Kolkata. Trust me this concept was much needed for this city.

Overall the place is good for single, couple’s or friends/families to hang out and enjoy food, music and even literature.


Talking about food, you will find multi cuisines to feed your self, the cafe has a in-depth menu of Chinese, Indian and Continental food


#Do try out

  • Chicken/ Veg Lazania: A cream and white sauce based dish is very simple yet good to eat.
  • Stir fried Chinese Noodles/Rice with Garlic Sauce: A very basic noodles preparation with stir fried veggies, you will taste a mild flavour of garlic which has been used as a sauce for the recipe
  • Beverages: Refresh your self with some good mock-tails, cafe-latte and shakes.

In the menu you will find all food varieties, from soup to mock-tails, Indian curries & rice to Chinese and Continental

Overall food & ambience is good where average bill for food for 2 person will be Rs. 600.

  • Dessert: Barfi Rasmalai: Surendra Jain Stall

As like people of Bhopal, this city can offer you one of the best sweet/desserts of the country. I always search for such local made sweets and desserts and it turned me to Surendra Jain stall , where i found the classic dessert barfi rasmalai donna or nawabi treat.

Recipe is all about his art of mixing the simple ingridents together to make a wonderful and delicious dessert, He takes up a dona(plate made of leaves) which is bio degradable , first he puts some crushed ice, on to it he puts thick rabri( Indian form of condensed milk) on top of it he puts flavoured syrup and sprinkle rse water.

The result is a bowl of cold and creamy refreshing dessert which will take your food organsm to next level.

  • Pan-(betel leaf)


A visit to Bhopal and how come you do not have Pan, Pan/Betel leaf is consumed with Kattha( Catechu), Supari(Betel nut) and Chuna(slaked-lime) with a dollop of sweet Gulkand (rose and sugar based thick paste/syrup) with cherries and mint

However its is consumed as a mouth refreshment after lunch or dinner but Pan and people of Bhopal has a very significant relationship 😉 , as like y rickshaw driver who consumes pan all day long is fond of talking and chewing pan

Where to have: You will find many pan shops in every streets of Bhopal howver the best of them you can have in Mp Nagar near Jyoti Talkies Bhopal and Infront of Top & Town New Market Bhopal.

Bhopal the city of lakes, peace and enjoyment has so much to offer you which is not possible to place on single blog platter, it was just a beginning there is much to do at this city. Travel and Food will recommend you to explore both old and new Bhopal to enjoy the unique architecture and food.

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