The forgotten food legacy of Chhattisgarh

I have been at Raipur Chhattisgarh from last 2-3 years, well many of my friends and relatives came to meet at my place, they asked about the about the Chhattisgarhi cuisine or the famous food of Chhattisgarh. I usually use to take them to famous fast food joints and restaurants.

They then use to say that cuisines are found all over the globe, moreover these food originated at some other place. But what about Chhattisgarh state of India, Whether Chhatisgarh doesn’t have its own cuisine or culinary heritage???????

Being as a travel and food blogger I explored many restaurants of Chhattisgarh which served some great food and beverages.

Trust me few of them are so good which I have never eaten before.

But what about the Chhattisgarh own culinary heritage? This questions use to always tingle in my mind? this made me to explore about the culture of the state of Chhattishgarh the Rice Bowl of India”.

Talking about Chhattisgarhi cuisine, it has now forgotten under the breads and wraps. You may find many restaurants serving cross cultural cuisines The youth is fond of fast food so now every nooks and corners of the cities are filled with joints serving fast food.

It is always the responsibility of the people to make their place and culture known to the world. Well its indeed true fact that the more you talk, the more it spreads.

So this time as I am residing in Chhatisgarh from past 2-3 years so I decided to give something back to this peaceful state and not only make the world know about the Chhattisgari cusine but also to the people of Chhatisgarh, wo kehte hai na “Haq Adaa Karna”

But the task was to explore and search of food, I talk to many people about the food and explored many places but my search of the forgotten legacy of Chhatisgarh ended to a beautiful and traditional restaurant Gadh Kalewa.

Gadh Kalewa:The authentic Chhattisgari Food Restaurant


TNF-Pedia about the place:

The restaurant is located the Civil Lines , the center of Raipur City of Indian State Chhattisgarh. You can click the link to find the directions towards Gadh Kalewa Map/Directions towards the Restaurant

It is opened from 11 A.M till 8 P.M

Well the restaurants offers traditional and authentic Chhattisgarhi Cuisine. The restaurant offers many varieties of snacks, food and even traditional thalis. There is much more to explore about the restaurant food and ambience in detail But before that you need to know about the facts and person who took this initiative to make the regional cuisines famous.

Words with Member of Gadh Kalewa

Well the team behind this initiative has a dream, a very small dream, but with a bigger thought of making Chhattisgarhi cuisine famous all across the country and even the world.

The team of Sanskriti vibhag, Chhatisgarh took this big initiative. They formed a community of women named as Manisha women self-development community where employment to more than 40-50 Chhattisgarhi women were given to establish the beautiful place wh

While talking to Sanskriti bhivag and Manisha community member thry told about their objective of opening Gadh Kalewa, they wants to make the local food famous and also help the local women’s to earn their livelihood and live a good life.

They added that it is a known fact the people of the society promotes their culture and traditions, whenever we talk about Idli, Dosa a picture of South India comes into mind, West Bengal and Rosogulla cant be separated, The kebab’s of Lucknow or famous Italian Cuisine “Pizza”, it was the people or local tribes who made their cuisines world famous, but what about us? So Ghad Kalewa was been established by her which was inaugurated on 26th January 2016 by the Chief Minister of the State Dr. Raman Singh.

They also mentioned that nowadays people are driving towards fast food which is mere chemical based food and it is the main reason for all the health effects like impotency, liver related diseases and even cancer.

The authentic Chhattisgarhi food on the other hand is very healthy and fresh to eat. The cuisine has huge variety of snacks, food and other beverages which is not only rich in nutrients but also in taste.

Travel and Food Stories salutes Sanskriti Vibhag,all the members of their team for their great initiative for Food and Culture

Let us experience the Food and the Place:

  • The Ambience:

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Ghad kalewa being a tradional/authentic restaurant managed to give a traditional look. The restaurant is based on open to air concept with no use of bricks and wall. It has both open space to eat and few covered place but made of mud tiles. Even the sitting is also made of traditional pattern. You can see the traditional work art interior all around the place which depicts the culture of the state.


The place is surrounded with trees which give natural fresh air to the guest unlike typical restaurants which is covered with artificial air “AC’s” . Trust me you will enjoy your food a much lot because of its unique ambience. Talk about anything, he small open mud house or the open the machan or the traditional work art will make your eyes relish and tingle your stomach for food.


  • The Food/The forgotten delicacies:

Well the restaurant only offers authentic Chhatisgarhi Food, which offers a great taste and nutrition to your body. Let us know the cuisines of Chhattisgarh offered in Ghad Kalewa.

  • Chawal Chilla / Rice Pan cakes.


It is one of the most traditional cuisine of Chhattisgarh made of Rice flour, It looks alike Dosa, but Dosa is made of Rice and Dal (Pulses) powder which is fermented overnight and then made like a pancake but a Chawal Chilla or Rice Pan cake is made fresh rice flour which is not needed to be fermented.

The rice flour needs to be mixed with water and then cooked over a pan in shape of pan cake with drops of oil. The rice chilla is served with Green Corriander, Chilli and mint chutney(sauce).

  • Farra: “A starter you cant stop yourself to eat one more”. It is again made of rice and fries in low oil with sesame/ til seeds. The rice is cooked, the mashed to make a dough, then it is shaped to make the recipe. Its is served with same green chutney or sauce.

The taste is very plain and basic as made of only cooked rice dough but sesame seeds and fried red chillies will add the crispiness to the dish.


  • The Thali:


Thali commonly a platter to serve food, a very small word but very important in India. The thali is not just a utensil but a platter to serve the culture in form of food. Like in South and East India food is served in a Banana Leaf. Here in Ghad Kalewa the food is served on a Kansa / Copper Thali/Platter. While talking with Mrs. Sarita Sharma, she told the benefits of eating in a copper thali, she mentioned that Kansa/ Copper is alkalising metal and eating and drinking from alkalising metals has wellness benefits for our health and well being. The alkalising effect on water and food stored in Kansa vessels also promotes healthy red blood cell development, regulates thyroid gland functioning and strengthen bones.

Talking about food the thali has:

  • Rice: Boiled and starch free not steamed, so its healthier
  • Dal/Pulses
  • Kadhi (a dish madeof beaten yogurt) made of onion and vegetable based fries
  • Cucumber: High in Water and other nutrients which help in reducing stress
  • Seasonal Vegetable Curry
  • Dry Seasonal Saag or greens
  • Chappati/Roti

Trust me the thali looks very simple but it has a tongue boggling taste.

Apart from the thali and chilla the restaurant offer many other snacks like Chausela, Malpua, Papchi Puran Laddu, Moti Chur k Laddu and bevarages like Aam Pana/Raw mango juice , Lemon Juice and may more dish to serve your tongue and belly,

The Price factor:

The restaurant is very rich in food, art, culture and its thought but if you talk about the cost, you might not believe but 100-150 Rs is more than enough to feed yourself till the top. Each dish cost around 20-30 Rs and for thali you need to pay just 100 Rs. So I must say its a pocket friendly restaurant.

Talking about the experience at Gadh Kalewa, I am quite surprise knowing about the culinary heritage of Chhattisgarh. I must say Chhattisgarh has a huge variety of dishes to offer the people around the world. The cuisine are not only unique and healthy but it will also tingle our taste buds.

The ambience is quite relaxing, the village type or traditional art work, the open air sitting arrangement surrounded with tress will make you feel fresh and different from a closed modern restaurant.

It is a very pocket friendly so each group of people can come and enjoy the food and ambience.

Overall I had a great experience, I wish all success to Gadh Kalewa team who took this great initiative to make the Chhattisgari Cuisine famous worldwide.

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