Restaurant Q the Lucknavi Zaika : Lucknow meets Raipur

If I would say about some mouthwatering dishes like Galouti Kebab’s, Nalli Nihari, Mughlai Parathe(Mughlai Bread), Mutton stew and Korma, Kashmiri Pink Chai and Shahi Kheer, the first word which will tickle in your mind will be the city Nawab’s Lucknow (Indian State – Uttar Pradesh) . But if I would say that ” Hey foodies all these cuisine are now the part of Raipur Delicacy you might not believe”, but the truth is now the taste of Lucknow is in your city Raipur, Chhattisgarh.

Restaurant Q the Lucknavi Zaika :


This very new restaurant of the city serves veg and non vegetarian food but heyyyyyyyy hello to all the non-vegetarian food lover’s this restaurant is famous for serving some tongue boggling Lucknavi cuisines for you.

The restaurant is located at the VIP road opposite the Police Training Camp, Mana Camp Raipur Chhattisgarh.

Please follow the link below for the directions, wherein I have mentioned the starting point from Telibandha Lake of Raipur.

Click the link below for directions:

Directions to Restaurant Q The Lucknavi Zaika

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The restaurant is based both open air and closed hall concept. Talking about the open air area, the restaurant has big lawn kind area covered with trees and plants, where you can spend some good quality time with your friends and relatives.

You can enjoy the food along with some good music and a big size LED screen for the entertainment.

You have also an option to sit in AC halls and enjoy your meal and good times

Words with The Restaurateur:

Well a 10 year old boy from a very small city of Chhattisgarh Saraipali had a dream, a dream wherein he wanted to have his own restaurant. Mr. Tarik the owner of the Restaurant Q The Lucknavi Zaika sets an example for all the young entrepreneur that a passion and a small initiative can drive you to fulfil your dreams

From a very early age his nose and tongue use to wander for food. He use to go to every nook and hook of the city to find good food.

While talking to him he mentioned that he comes from a business background where his fathers had a electrical shop at Saraipali. At the early age he joined his father business but his dream was something different and big so he left is home at the age of 21 and came to Raipur.

As like other innovators his life also had a drama after his graduation he started various business and joined various jobs in MNC from 2001. As like other common man he was stucked in the daily life and doing his job.

However his nose and tongue were in their job of tasting food of the various places. So as like said Initiative is a very thin line wherein you do it or refuse it. It took hi 15 years to cross the border.

During 2016 he finally opened the restaurant Q The Lucknavi Zaika with an objective of serving some good food to the city. He added that though during 2001 to 2016 though he was busy doing some other jobs but his research of foods was on, he also added that he is fond of non-veg and awadhi cuisine but which was quite missing in the culinary of state so he decided to serve Awadhi cuisines. He started with very precise menu of Nalli Nihari and Biryani now the restaurant serve one of the best non-veg and veg food to the city.

Lets talk about the FOOD:

The restaurant has a wide range of veg and non-veg starters and main-cource dishes like Mutton/Chicken Korma, Stew, Rogan Josh, Butter Paneer , Galouti Kebab’s, Kebab’s ,Nalli NIhari and many more.

I have decided to taste the recipe which were new to the Raipur City.

Nalli nihari with Mughlai Parathe:


The day from when I heard about the restaurant, I was much excited about this dish. As like other foodie whenever we hear about Lucknow we start thinking of Nalli Nihari. So when I saw the menu my eyes was looking for Nalli Nihari and I ordered the same.

The expectation was very high and trust me it held up at my expectation. Talking about Nalli Nihari it is a dish which is originated in the Indian Sub-continent, wherein the Shank part of lamb is cooked with various spices and herbs in the low heat for a very longer duration. The process of cooking make the meat very tender and consistency of the gravy is very thick and stickier.

Here in Q the Lucknavi Zaika the Nalli Nihari was served along with Mughlai Parathe.

The Nalli nihari was cooked very nicely, the meat over the Nalli (Shank) was very tender and juicy, the gravy was very thick and had a great taste of spices. The moment you take the first byte a bomb of favours will explode into your mouth, where you will feel the good taste of lamb and all the herbs and spices. Though is not chilly spicy but you can feel the heat of the Herbs and other spices like Black peppers. The complementary Mughlai parathe (bread) made of spices , eggs and cake flour is also good in taste.


Mutton Biryani :

Mutton biryani is a dish made of lamb (mutton) and rice blended with various herbs spices.


Remembered ????????????????? my blog on Dum Biryani

Dum Biryani; a recipe which blends science and art together. It is a dish which is very simple and most favourite among non-vegetarian’s yet it is one of the most complex dishes to cook. It not about just the ingredients but what and how to use those ingredients to make a balanced and perfect biryani.

Yes so talking Q The Lucknavi Zaika offered Lamb or Mutton Biryani which was prepared very nicely. The biryani was prepared with long grain Basmati rice , which gave an aromatic taste to the dish. The lamb or mutton in the biryani was very tender and juicy. The dish was cooked with powdered spices unlike others who prepares it with whole spices without grounding them. the dish made with Clarified butter which added the taste and aroma to the biryani.


Overall the Biryani was good. It was made very simple and with low spice, you can add the stew served along with the dish to enhance the taste.

Lucknavi Kheer :


Talking about the dessert, apart from ice creams and other Indian sweets like Gulab-Jamun, this restaurant continued with their awadhi cuisines for dessert as well, they served a bowl of Sahi Kheer.

Kheer is a rice pudding dessert made of rice, milk, dry-fruits and flavours like cardamom and rose water. It is dessert of the Indian Sub-continent.

The kheer was served chilled which enhanced its taste. the kheer was very rich and creamy, the best part was there was no sugar added to the recipe, it had the natural sweetness of milk. So the recipe was tasty, rich and healthy too.

Talking about the Value of the place:

Overall the place good !!!!

It serves the cuisines which were missing from the culinary of the Raipur and the state of Chhattisgarh.

The food menu is pocket friendly, the bill for 2 of us was around 1175.


The restaurant has a big open space where you can enjoy your evening with your friends in the open air.

Travel and Food Stories will recommend you to go and enjoy some mouth watering awadhi cuisines.

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