Udaipur Food Stories

Udaipur Travel & Food Stories : Naye Raasto ki Kahani, khana or kisse ………….. Part: 1

Udaipur, the most beautiful city of Indian state of Rajasthan .Often called as the Venice of East will make you fall in love with its incredible beauty of lakes & mountains. The heritage haveli’s  & palace’s  will make you feel royal as like a Maharajah.

This city has much to know, its immense history will manage to give a goosebumps In my visit to Udaipur I have tried to explored most of the places and food joints.

In this blog I will talk about the famous food and the joints of Udaipur.

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So now lets begin the food journey of Udaipur and break the hunger strike 😛


  • Chur-Chur Naan & Dal Makhani


Chur Chur Naan is a street style meal of Udaipur. It was more of meal of creativity of simple Rajasthani platter of Roti (Indian Bread) served with Dal Makhani and with one of the most vibrant part of Rajasthani cuisine – Chutney

Thought the plate of Naan & Dal could be commonly found all over India but here it had twist. The Naan was made of mixed flour of Bajra (Pearl Millet) and wheat flour. Rajasthan being the water scare state, had such food and recipes which could be  produced and cooked with less use of water.

The mixed flour dough is shaped like all other Naan, it is been cooked over tandoor. Cooking over tandoor gives a smoky flavour and adds a crunchy bite to the  Naan. The cooked naan is ready for the application of Ghee (Clarified Butter)- now that makes it Royal.

The cooked Naan is finnally crushed and made ready to be served. The Dal Makhni was made  simple with the use of very basic herbs like garlic and spices, the chutney was made of garlic, chillies, oil and Indian Spices.

The taste  plate was very basic & simple to eat. The taste of dal was ussual but the unique style of serving naan appealed me a lot.


Where to Eat: You will find all these street style meals at Sukhadia Circle. It is a hub for all the street style food found all day long till 10-O-clock at night.

Try Chur Chur Naan at Ranaji Special Food cart – Sukhadia Circle

Sukhadia Circle Directions

Price: One plate  Chur Chur Naan with Dal Makhani will cost you 60 Indian Rs.

  • Shahi Pulav:


Shahi means royal, the Rajasthan state of India is the land of royal highness (Maharajas) , the city and people It was a pulao made of veggies and rice which had myraid of texture and flavour in each bite, the addition of dry fruits and a dollop of butter made it taste even more royal.

It was served along with green chutney, onion salad & Lemon Slices

Where to Eat: Rajasthan Special Food Cart @ Sukhadia Circle

Sukhadia Circle Directions

Price:  One plate of shahi pulao will cost you around 90 Indian Rs

  • Daal Baati Churma:


What a Rossogulla & Fish Curry is to Bengal, Butter Chicken & Cholle Bhature is to Punjab Dal Baati Churma is to Rajasthan. It is the eternal part of Rajasthani Cuisine eaten all over the state.

It is a three in one meal platter consist of baked baati, daal & sweet crumbly churma. It is one single platter which speaks about rich culture of Rajasthan.

The baati is baked doughballs made of multi flours(wheat, corn and even bajra), ghee & milk.

The daal again consist of multi type lentils is cooked with spiced herbs. The Rajasthani’s loves spicy food. The added tadka of hing(Asafetida) enhances its flavors .

The churma is a sweet part of this platter made of flour, Suji (semolina), sugar and dry fruits.

The dal baati churma has fascinating story behind the scenes which  I heard while talking to local People  I will try &  share with you with my upcoming blogs.

Where to Eat: Well you can find these typical Rajasthani cuisines all across the city of Udaipur. I have tried the plate at Krishna Dal Baati Restaurant & Padmani Restaurant.

Cost: Each plate of Daal Baati Churma may cost you around 200-300 Rs which gives a serving  more than enough for your hunger.

  • Laal Maas:


It is again a high rated Rajasthani cuisines, the vegetarian plate has Dal Baati andon the other hand laal maas in an internal part for a non-vegetarian plate in Udaipur Rajasthan.

Laal Maas is a traditional Rajasthani spicy lamb recipe made with a base of yoghurt, garlic and  dried red chillies. The meat is cooked with ghee which enhance its flavours and adds a good aroma to the dish. The variety of Indian spices gives a good texture to the meat curry.

Overall the red colour of the curry and fragrance of Ghee makes it more appetising.

Where to Eat:  Eat the traditional Laal Maas at Jhoomar Restaurant and Panna Vilas Roof Top Restaurant at Raani Road where you can enjoy a perfect candle light dinner with your family & freinds with a mesmerising view of lake Fateh Sagar.




  • Desserts of Udaipur :


Malpua is a pan cake made of semolina, baking flour & milk and is one of the popular dish of India which is many variants. In eastern states like Bengal & Odisha crushed banana’s and crushed coconut is also been added.

But here in Rajasthan while I was wandering in the old city near City Palace, I saw many small sweet shops serving fresh made  malpua made of only flours, milk and semolina fried in ghee or clarified butter like pan cakes dipped in sugar syrup and many other sweets like Gulab Jamun (Indian Sweets) & traditional Rajasthani dessert Ghevar.




Where to Eat: You can find the traditional dessert in all sweet shops of  city of Udaipur. But as I wanted to taste it in local shop so I went on City Palace Road of Udaipur, which served me hot fresh made Malpua’s , Gulab Jamun and Ghevar

Click here : City Palace Road Direction

  • Shahi Falooda:


Though the dessert falooda has been originated in Persia, and it came to India at the time of Mughals. We all know the thali of India has a culture of many societies from local Indians to British, and from Portuguese to Mughals.

The falooda served in Udaipur was a perfect cooler after a city palace walk. It had Rabri with Ice cream of many flavours with a base of cooked vermicelli and topped with dry fruits and nuts.

Where to Eat:  Sukhadia Circle

Sukhadia Circle Directions

Price:  One serving of shahi falooda will cost you around 70 Indian Rs.


My food journey of Udaipur had a mixed memories. On one hand I enjoyed some street side quick food like chur chur naan and desserts while on other hand I enjoyed a royal dine with amazing scenic beauty at Upre and Panna Villas roof top restaurant.

Story : Abhijeet Das

Photography: Shivkant Nair & Abhijeet Das

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  1. The palaces are magnificent. Not only is there such beauty, there is the history that adds to their attractiveness. The landscape seems magical and what a great place to visit, good information about Udaipur. Thanks for providing valuable info on Udaipur. Nice blog and thanks for sharing your traveling experience. Great place to hang up with friends and family for delicious food.


    1. Thankyou so much for sharing your views !!!
      Yes true …. The city has a magic… The more you explore … The more you will fall in love with the place….

      I have tried to share few more stories on Udaipur in my other blogs…


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