Sajjan Garh; The Monsoon Palace : Glorious heritage of India

Naye Raasto Ki Kahania or Kisse- Part – II

How would you feel ???? if you get a chance to go at a royal castle above 3100 ft with a mesmerising view of romantic valleys, mountains, beautiful lakes and clouds.

Sounds dramatic?????? But this fairy tale palace exist in the most romantic city of India Udaipur.

The Sajjan Garh : Monsoon Palace – Udaipur


Tnf-Pedia: Monsoon Palace ki Kahania………….

The  Monsoon Palace Udaipur is one of the glories of the royal history of the city. The Monsoon or Sajjan Garh Palace is a hill top royal castle in the city of Udaipur overlooking the mesmerising view of the the Aravali  Mountain ranges, lake fateh sagar and the city.

The palace named after the Maharaja Sajjan Singh ( 1874-1884) of Mewar dynasty and was built in 1884. It is been believed that the Palace was built by Maharaja to get a view of his ancestral home Chittorgarh.

The palace has an astronomical chapter. It was built on a hill top which has a wide view of Aravali mountain ranges where the first clouds of the monsoon season could be seen so it is also known as , ” The Monsoon Palace”.

The Maharaj Sajjan Singh originally planned to make it as 5 storey astronomical centre to look an eye on clouds for the prediction of monsoon in the surrounding region and it could also be used as a resort for the royal family but due to his untimely death, it was half built and then the plan could not be succeeded however  the later king ” Maharana Fateh Singh” completed the half built storey however not the 9 storey castle, and used to watch the monsoon clouds and also as the hunting lodge.

The building was made of white marbles which also had the marble pillars carved with flowers and leaves and the walls are painted with lime mortar all together giving the palace a royal architecture theme.

Things to Do ! 

The hill top palace can be seen from the ground of the city, trust me it will give you an anxiety to reach the palace. The road to royal castle will give you a dramatic kick. It has the beautiful valleys and roads reaching to the hill top  castle.

When my journey began I went back in  the retro mood, imagine how the maharaja used to ride his horses backed with his troop of soldiers to reach the palace. It gave me a goosebumps .


Once you reach to the hill top you get to enter into the chapter of a fairy tale which has a royal castle and a mesmerising view of city, lake fateh sagar and pichola and the heritage of India ” The Aravali Mountain” ranges.”

The castle has a central wide ground and a staircase to enter into the hall where you can learn about the history of the palace.

And the wide open ground round the castle has many sit out space where you can sit, relax and immerse in your own thoughts.

This was the time when I had a quality time looking the beautiful view of the Aravali Hills  and city view of lakes.IMG-20180812-WA0068

The royal castle  is also famous for the view of sunset. As it is located on hill top above 3100 ft from sea level so the place is also known as sunset point.

How to reach Sajjan Garh Palace ?

Sajjangarh Palace is located at a distance of 10 km from Udaipur city. One can easily reach here local taxi, bus or cab.

I recommend you to use auto rickshaw /tuk tuk or self driven scooty to travel and explore the local Udaipur city as the city is has both old city which has narrow lanes where in tuk tuk can easily enter as cars can stuck in narrow lanes and jam.


Cost/Tickets for Sajjan Garh Monsoon  Palace:

  • Entry tickets : Rs 60/person
  • Travel Tickets:

If you have booked a tuk tuk, then you need to reach the entry gate to reach on top. From there you need to book the government owned cabs/taxi.

The charge is Rs. 60/person

Sajjan Garh Palace Timings:

The palace opens at 9 A.M in the morning and is open up to 6 P.M

Other Attraction:

Monsoon palace is surrounded by Sajjan Garh Wildlife Sanctuary which is populated by several exotic creatures and birds. You can spend our day admiring the works of the palace and enjoy a safari ride into the sanctuary.


  • Must visit the zoo if you are accompanying with kids as they will enjoy the place
  • Take a Golf Kart or Cycle to explore the zoo

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