Chatori Gali : Bhopal

Chatori Gali:

Chatori Gali as like the name, it is heaven for non-veg and street food lovers, to add on chatori gali at Bhopal is like Chandni Chowk for Delhi.

However the gali is open throughout the day but you will enjoy as the sun sets and time for stars to twinkle. The gali will be filled with the aroma’s of Paya Soup, Kebab’s, and Ghost Korma(Lamb Cury).



Chatori Gali is located at the old city of Bhopal, known as Ibrahimpura Bhopal



How to reach:

You can take local taxi, cabs or local transport to reach the place


Lets walk down the gali for some lip smacking dishes:

Paya Soup:

To start with go and ignite your appetite with a Paya Soup lamb boiled in broth at low flame all day long with very less and significant spices cornflour to give a thick consistency and garnished with herbs and shredded lambs. Trust me it is different from Paya soup served at different parts of country.


Bun Kebab:

Then go ahead to Bun Kebab stall where kebab is served between the bun, it will look alike vada pao but with non-veg version, the taste was very common, if you want to add one food to your diary you can taste it once.

Varki Samosa:

Next turn is for Varki Samosa, unlike the name samosa, its is stuffed with Mutton Keema, a dish worth tasting.

Ghost Korma: Gazala Hotel, Chatori Gali-Bhopal

The most famous restaurant of Chatori Gali offering finest Ghost Korma and special kulcha(Indian Bread).


The Ghost Korma is a thick stew(gravy) of lamb cooked with peppers, fried onions and spices goes amazing with little sweet kulcha. The korma made me remembered of Riyaz restaurants at Jabalpur city of M.P

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