Nimish – a melt in mouth dessert :

Nimish – a melt in mouth dessert :


Nimish also known as Makhan Malai at Mathura and even Daulat ki Chaat at Delhi.

Knowing about this dessert, it has been originated at Mathura city but believe me this dessert may have been given to us direct from heaven.

As soon as you take a scoop it melts and vanishes in your mouth.

Forget about the quote of the brand lays which says “No one just can have one”. This dessert is a shear example of this proverb.

You will try to hold it in your mouth but it will vanish and ask you for another scoop.

While talking to the Atul a pheriwala who sells Nimish from past 10 years told me about the dessert. He told Bhaiya(brother) Nimish is originally known as Makhan malai the favourite food of Kanha Ji (Lord krishna) and originated in mathura later then it came to Lucknow and offered to Nawab’s who liked it a lot.

Learning about the dessert Atul told that, the delicacy vanishes in mouth within seconds but it takes hours to make Makhan Malai. It is winter delight where it is made by man and the nature itself.

The process starts every afternoon where his mother boils milk at low fire chulah (stove) of cow dung cake, then fresh cream is added in the boiling milk, there after again its boiled. Once the mixture cools down completely, it is kept hung under evening sky for 8-9 hours. Here the mother nature nurturers the dessert with dew.

The dew exposed mixture is churned again for 2-3 hours, by then around 4 am in the morning its time for Atul himself to start his job where he again turn on the chulah to boil milk for getting the malai.

Then he add sugar, yellow food colour in the layers of the mixture. Finally the melt is mouth desert is in final stage, there after he travels to chowk bazaar and to serve the magical Nimish.

A layer of silver work and dry fruit is placed on the top.

Where: You may find many ferry wala’s selling Nimish in the chowk sqaure lucknow and during the evening time you may find it near Roomi Darwaza.

Cost : 1 plate of Nimish will cost Rs. 25.

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