Malai ki gilori : Lucknavi Malai Paan

Lets talk about a word , “Delicacy” commonly this word is associated with food, a food which is soft in texture, a rare or expensive food which is good to eat.

I do not know, when and who gave this term but I know the about a food which suits best for this term.

Malai Ki Gilori :

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I have heard about this word delicacy many times,Being foodie I am always in search of food which can be best termed as delicacy. This time its was in Lucknow when I had this soft and rare sweet delicacy “Malai Ki Gilori”

Malai Ki Gilori or Balai ki Gilori is also known as Lucknavi Malai Paan.

TNF-Pedia : Malai Ki Gilori

When you are in Lucknow you can’t miss this rare sweet tooth Malai Ki Gilori. It is a rare dessert which is been invented in Lucknow and only exist in Lucknow, though many of has tried to re-create the dessert but no one can even get near to Lucknow special Malai Ki Gilori where the sweet mishri along with dry fruits is encased in paper thin malai with a hint of rose water and kewra.

Ram Asrey aur Malai Ki Gilori :


I was in chowk bazaar of Lucknow which is street famous for serving the best of food in Lucknow, from Tunday kebabi to Nalli Nihari and Nimish to famous Rabri Lassi. So while wandering in the chowk bazaar I inquired a local about Malai Paan, on a high note he told Bhaiya Malai Paan Khana hai toh Ram Asrey Mithai Dukhan Jaayie ( If you want to taste Malai Paan, visit Ram Asrey Sweet Shop).

His excitement was obvious and I learned while talking with the team of Ram Asrey sweet Shop who is the proud innovator of this melt in mouth delicacy.

Ram Asrey sweet shop is 200 years old sweet shop established in 1805 and has a honour of serving its dessert to the last Nawab of Awadh (Lucknow) Nawab Wajid Ali Shah.

Talking about the history of Malai Ki gilori, during the rule of Nawaab Wajid Ali Shah his well wisher once came to the Ram Asrey shop and discussed on a concern of how to persuade Nawaab to get rid of his habit of chewing Pan & tobacco. During then the skilled chef of the shop gave an attempt of making a sweet of the same texture as like Paan.

They replaced the betel leaf with Malai (Milk Cream) stuffed it with sugar(mishri) and dry fruits and then it was designed and folded like a paan.

Then it was presented to Nawaab and he instantly fell in love with the dessert, he decided to quit his habit of chewing pan as he got his new stuff “Malai Pan”

The Taste of Malai Paan:

As like name the shape was same as like any sweet Paan. On top of it had a work of silver which gave it a royal look and texture. The paan or leaf was actually a fresh extracted malai from buffalo milk. The stuffing was made of Mishri and dry fruits.


Trust me when I took a bite it took me to imagination as like Nawaab, and I could realize why he left his Paan chewing habit for this sweet delicacy.

Each of the ingredients was perfect replacement, the thick layer of Malai was soft and delicate as like paan, the stuffing had a great role. The stuffing made of mishri and nuts gave it a bite which could be chewed for a while before melting in a mouth.


Truly it is a unique melt in mouth dessert which can only be found in Lucknow. So when you visit Lucknow do visit Ram Asrey Sweet Shop to experience Malai Ki gilori and many more exotic desserts.

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