Sula Vineyard

Sula Vineyard:



Ask any Globetrotter where to visit in Maharashtra, he will show you the map heading to Sula Vineyard, Sula-Vineyard is one of the India’s Biggest and finest Winery. It was the first Winery in Nashik which attracted many other Wineries and Made Nashik ” The Wine Capital Of India”

How to reach Sula Vineyard:


You can easily manage to reach Sula Vineyard with your own Vehicle, else you can always hire one. Sula vineyard is about 14.7 km from Nashik City.
 For more information  on Sula Vineyard Direction visit:

 My Journey at Sula Vineyard:

I was on board in a road trip to Nashik with my friends, as like all the other Gypsy’s we managed a day to explore and experience Sula Vineyard. 

The Sula Wine Making Tour:

You be lucky enough to be convoyed  by the team of Young & Beautiful  Ladies and Smart Men
Here you will be able to experience the Wine making process, from the kind of Crop-(Grape) is used to make the different kinds of wines, machinery used for processing of Wine and process of Ageing and Generating flavours of Wine

“Drinking a Wine is a poetry”

As like me if you are thinking Wine is just your another Spirit Friend, Trust me you must go to a Sula Wine Tasting Tour. 
Here the Cellar Team will guide you to 5 different steps to perform while drinking a glass of wine
It includes from Holding of a Wine Glass, Checking the Color of Wine, Feel the Smell of Wine, Sip and taste the wine and finally gulping the Wine.


Sula Vineyard will give you a feel of Italy, you can enjoy and spend quality time with Wines, Music and exotic Italian flavours.
Little Italy at Sula is a partnership of traditional Italian food and your favourite wines, in a relaxed setting at Sula’s vineyards. This beautiful resturant has fresh organic ingredients from Sula’s own gardens, making it a true “farm to fork” experience. The restaurant also has a wood – fired pizza oven for that perfect texture to your pizzas. Celebrate with family, friends and colleagues by organising your next event with us at Little Italy at Sula! 
You can always try exotic Pizza’s , Cheese Garlic Bread along with Sula Brut Tropical Sparkling Wine


It is said that the “Best Wines are the once we drink with our friends”, its indeed true, Thanks Sula for giving me a Good time and memories.

#TNF-pedia about food and wine:

What are the most preferred pairings with wine?

Wine and cheese undoubtedly makes the best pair, but one should always try beyond it. With regards to red wines, it goes well with lamb, red meats, tacos and aged cheese. White wines pair well with salads, pasta, fish and fresh cheese. Sparkling wines, which are great as a welcome drink, can be served with finger foods. Lastly the sweet wines, both still and sparkling, go very well with spicy Indian food and sweets.

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    1. Yes !!!! Absolutely , there is many things to enjoy. 1. You can enjoy some amazing italian food at little italy restaurant. 2. You can spend a night at sula resorts in middle od their farms. 3. You can take a wine making tour, you will surely enjoy the time.


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