Inquilaab Zindabaad: Travel stories with patriotic soul Bhagat Singh !!!!

Inquilaab Zindabaad: Travel stories with patriotic soul !!!!

It was my third day at Lucknow, In the past two days I have nearly covered every corner of the city. Well last night while signing of the day, my rickshaw driver told me “Janaab you have already covered all the place so tomorrow start a bit easy.

It was a lazy sunday, I started late, I asked Nadeem Bhai for some good breakfast. He took me took Ratti Lal Sweet Shop. Where I had Khasta Kachori’s , it was a very common breakfast cuisine for the people of the city. Then I order a plate of jalebi which i enjoyed with Nadeem Bhai,

The story: @ British Residency Park

It was now 1 o clock at noon, after a good breakfast, and 2 days of exploring the city, I decided to take a break and spent some time at peace.
Discussing the days plans, I asked Nadeem Bhai if any left out place which I have not visited yet, he suddenly told me about The British Residency park. It was a british park which experienced the first war of Independence. I got excited and could not hold to visit the place.

Nadeem Bhai mentioned there you will find a park zone to sit and relax after exploring the building and its history.

I decided to visit there without any further delay. I had accompanied with my novel “Without fear, The life & trial of bhagat singh”.

Friends it took me 3 months to write this story as something unusual happened with me, this time I wont describe about this place but a story of my heart.

The park entry charges is 25rs/person and gates opens at morning 8 am and up till 6 at evening. I entered at park around 2 pm, it has a entry gate followed by security check zone. There after you can see a beautiful landscape and garden area which will take you to the a huge wooden entry gate.

I followed the path and entered through the wooden gate. Trust me the moment changed my life forever, I don’t know whether it was illusion of my heart or the effect of novel which I was reading but it gave a new thought in my life.

Friends I don’t have much to describe about the architecture, as the building now exist as ruins of revolt of first war of Indian Independence held during 1st July to November 1857.

After exploring the buildings and museum where you can literally see the signs of bullets and mortar. I decided to spent some time sitting at park side.

I sat down in the middle of park where I could see Indian National Flag raised high in air, which gave me a goosebumps. There was an usual silence in the surroundings, it was like there are many people around me which are trying to say something, the wall ruins wants to cry our their pain, and even there was many mixed emotions running in my veins.

I took out my novel “Without fear the life & trial of bhagat singh”

I was at 8th page of my book,

kabhi wo din bhi ayega

ke jab azad hum honge

yeh apni hi zamin hogi

yeh apna asman hoga

shahidon ki chitaon par

lagenge har bar mele

Watan par marne walon ka

yaha naam-o-nishan hoga……..

Trust me guys I could not stop myself, but drops flowed down from my eyes. Suddenly I heard a voice “What happened young boy, why are you worried”

Due to tears I could not clearly see the person behind the voice, so I wiped of to look towards the voice. I saw a man wearing a trouser, white shirt and hat on his head coming towards me. He came closer to me, now I could see his face much more clearly, he had a mustachio and trust me he looked very handsome and not less than any hero.

Meanwhile lot many things were going on in my heart as like what I would answer to his question. Will he laugh if I say that I got emotional due to feel of patriotism.

But when he came nearby me, he moved for a handshake & said “Inquilaab Zindabad, I am Bhagat Singh”. I was in a doubt but I too move ahead for a handshake and recited “Inquilaab Zindabaad, I am Abhijeet Das.

Then he told lets sit down, he sat next to me, and again asked the same question, “why are you emotional naujawaan”.

I was confused to answer and hands and legs were sweating as my heart was saying to me, he is THE BHAGAT SINGH”, but how he can be alive we all know he is a martyr, why is he with me, but ignoring all question of my heart I asked him again who are you? and can I do any help for you sir?

He laughed, I have already told my name, I am Bhagat Singh, and I have came to help you young boy.

I could not understand, I said.

He said your heart is saying true young boy, I am Bhagat Singh, a martyr in the history of India, but young boy I am not a saheed Bhagat Singh, whenever there is any inquilaab I go and join the movement.

And today you are into war, so I came to help you naujawaan. So tell me why were you crying.

I said, Sir I could not understand what to say, from where I should start.

Start is very important, young boy; said “Bhagat Singh” . Our biggest failure is when we fail to start.

How can I?

How to do?

If I fail?

Why should I?

These are the major questions which stops us to take an initiative. If you not starting the task how can you say whether it is easy or difficult.

He further added ,there is just a thin line between doing and not doing a task. You know (me, Sukhdev, Rajguru, Gandhiji, Subash dada and all other freedom fighter’s) had one thing common we never had a question of how to start? We all knew every start will take us towards a goal or a path of success or new learning and possibilities.

We never thought about our end. As every beginning has an ending and it may be a good or a bad, a success or failure. If we succeed happiness is all around and if we fail, lollzz… we get our new task.

So young boy, RULE NO 1 : Shuruwat karna zaruri hai…..(Initiative is very important in one’s life)

So tell me now what happened to you?

By now I was excited and all kinds of charge started running in my veins. I said sir, I am confused, and hanging in middle of past, present and future.

He laughed, I said why you are laughing,

it is nothing new your whole generation is confused, he added.

I too laughed back and said yes obviously.

Sir, but this time my confusion has a serious concern. Sir I do not know about the conclusion of my life. Initiative is not a concern for me, In past 10 years I took many initiatives but I could not even conclude my task.

sab adhura reh gya……….

Why? Sir Bhagat asked,

I said there were many reason

Like ? he asked,,,,

I said in this country there is many concern, sir there is no room for talent, how many points should i mention.

Politics, finance, support from local bodies, society there are hundreds of things to fight for our success.

Suddenly, Bhagat Singh shouted and said dont you dare to say about this country. This country has given you everything and how can you curse your mother.

I said sir I am sorry, I am not cursing my mother land. But you do not know the present status of our country. In every step I have to fight from system and society.

Now you guide me what should I do?

I am sorry, Abhijeet I shouted on you but I cant hear anything about my land.

Wo zara krantikari bhavna jaag uthti hai….. lollzzz…. he laughed.

Anyways I knew this will happen in this country. He said…..

He added, you know years back I was having a conversation with my mother when I was in jail.

She came to meet me, we had many discussion, out of sudden she said, Bhagat my son why are you sad? You will be free soon.

Maa, I not afraid of being in jail, my country is benefited from my revolution and my movements in jail.

Maa, I am worried about the future of India, I have no doubt that my country will be one day free. But I am afraid that the brown sahib are going to sit in chairs in place of white after independence. India will be free only in papers and books but the heart (the thoughts of people of India) will remain be a slave.

You know Abhijeet why is it so? he asked me.

Because we Indian’s have an habit on dependency on other. Main kyu karu (Why should I do?)

Safai, sarkar karegi

naukri, sarkar degi

paisa, sarkar degi,

And when government knows, people are dependent on us, then the real game begins of control and misuse of our power and freedom.

India was a developing country and will remain as a developing because development comes when the thoughts of each and every people living in the country is developed.

Yes you are in fear in this country, you are not safe, but not because of any people or India or any government. It is because of you yourself, you are in fear for your own failure and a thought ki main kyu karu?

Sitting at home watching netflix the youth says someday someone will bring revolution and will change the condition of our country

Why you yourself cant bring a revolution???

Kranti har kisi k dil main hoti hai, bus ek soch or disha zaruri hai manzil tak pahuchne k liye…………

If we have thought the same you people might have still be a slave in the books.

Sir, I am not afraid of fighting for change or bringing any revolution but I could not foresee the path. I said…

Kranti toh hai…soch bhi hai….bas disha nahi hai….. I added….. and smiled

Bhagat Ji replied you know what young India wants, Knowledge!!!!

It is a major concern is we do not know our legacy, our history, our culture and traditions.

Nowadays you are updated with the most upgraded technology, you know everything happening around the world, but do you people know history or mythology of India.

Mythology k naam par par kuch devi devtaon k puja or independence k naam par mujhe , Gandhiji ko ya Subhash dada ko yaad karlete ho.

But do you guys know about the thoughts of our country (culture, geography or history of India)

I said no!!!

He said this is the reason why you are failed and confused.

What do you mean? I said…

Bhagat Sir told, it is said lack of knowledge, if you are unaware about your past you cant upgrade your future. It is not important to remain in the past but it is important to know your past and present to upgrade your future.

So rule no 2 : Knowledge & education is very important for the success of oneself, society and our country.

It is not important to become a political leader to bring the change, contribute your own part for your people,for your own country. You will see your small initiative will make a big change one day…………

Once again this country needs Inquilaab, As for every change there is a need of a voice, and you youth can become the voice of India.

and this is what young India wants…….

Inquilaab Zindabad !!!!!!!!

Suddenly my phone rang, i picked up the call….. are janaab samay hogya bhahar aayie……said Nadeem Bhai….

Turning back towards sir Bhagat Singh, coming in 5 mins, I replied to Nadeem, But now I could not see anybody. I looked here and there but he vanished.

I was freeze and shocked, many things went through my mind, I do not know whether it was real Bhagat or it was the voice of my heart??????????

Jo bhi tha, it gave me a slogan for rest of my life……..

Inquilaab Zindabaad !!!!!

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