Barbeque Nation : The love affair of grills and more

It is often said, (दिल का रास्ता पेट से होता है) the road to the heart is through a satisfied stomach.😋😋😋

This story of mine can’t have a better line… 😀 Guys before sharing the food experience with Barbeque Nation, Bhopal I would like share a small story which made me fall for the employees of Barbeque Nation.

I booked my table at Barbeque Nation Bhopal in the last slot of 10.30 P.M, as the whole meal experience takes nearly 2 hours so they closes their booking by 10.30 P.M.

So, i reached at my time slot. The table was set with the grills , coal and fire. For my better experience, Executive Chef Jabbal and table attendent Mr. Vikas were assigned for my food journey at Barbeque Nation, Bhopal. Guys, i will share my food experience on the later part of my blog, but the intresting part in this story is during my dessert sessions.

So, after I made my flag down of grilled starters, I jumped to my main cource where I saw Chafing dish of Biryani and Mutton Rogan Josh, actually I am obsessed with this two food items, biryani and mutton rogan josh, their name, looks, taste I mean I love everything about these two.But, hard time…….

The moment I opened the bowl of Mutton Rogan it was empty. I asked my attendent Mr. Vikas if he could bring it for me.

He said, certainly he will go to the kitchen and check for it, he asked me to take my seat and enjoy the rest of my food.

I was eating my half love biryani 😋 and my heart was eagerly waiting for my other half Mutton Roganjosh.

I saw Chef Jabbal coming towards me, his face lost his smile which he carried everytime he came during the cource. He came to me and said sorry Mr. Abhijeet Mutton RoganJosh is no more with us in the kitchen.😢😢

He further asked me if I could help myself with Chicken Tikka Masala.Trust me guys, It sounded like a death scene in the hospital and it broke my heart.

But then, I said to the Chef with a smile, that it’s ok I will be fine with Biryani. Then I ended up with my main cource and went to desserts sections. While having the last scoop of my icecream, suddenly I could see both Chef Jabbal and Vikas coming towards me with a bowl. Now i was curious, what they are bringing now (ab kya la rahe yeh bhai).

As i was complete full and now i cant take anynore ( fat jayga bhai pet)😂😂😂

They both came at my table, this time their face had even a more brighter smile. They kept a bowl of Mutton Rogan Josh infront of me.

Guys truly that time my eyes got the shape of heart smiley😍😍😁

Chef Jabbal said, “Sir you came for the first time to our Barbeque Nation Bhopal, we cant let your wish down. So we specially cooked for you, please have it. “Trust me these words of kindness and hospitality made me fall for them at that very next moment.

I said to them, I am so delighted fron their gesture. No matter about the taste but the love and hospitality you added in your food made it taste the best.Although i was about to burst still i manage to taste it.

Guys it was 12.30 A.M their kitchen was under closing for the day. Still just to make me sattisfied, they cooked specially for me.Isnt a recipe of love which they brought for me?????????😍

In my food journey as a blogger or even like a person I went to many restaurants but very few of us could manage to serve not just food but Love in their menu and Team Barbeque Nation Bhopal you will be on my top charts.

Tnf-pedia about the Barbeque Nation, Bhopal:

Barbeque nation, Bhopal is a chain of Indian Restaurant located in more than 140 places across India with headquaters in Bangaluru. It is also located in foriegn countries like Dubai, Malaysia, Oman and many more.In bhopal they launched their outlet on 11th October 2019.

Where ?

Stc 2nd floor Virasha Bawariya Kala, Gulmohar Colony Bhopal M.PFor the best route in current traffic visit :

Food Story at Barbeque Nation Bhopal :

Note : Do not turn down the flag untill you are done with your food.

As barbeque nation has a tradition that they will serve food untill the flag at your table is straight.

The concept of barbeque nation is, a 3 cource meal where a live coal grill is placed at your table with coal and fire thenFirstly veg and non veg starters will be kept for you over the grill where you can serve yourself as per your choice of items.

Thereafter you can have maincource veg and non veg buffet.

Last but not the least exotic desserts waits for you to give a tongue boggling taste to your pallet.

1. About the Starters :

Barbeque Nation offers you some mouth watering veg and non veg grills. The attender will ask you about your choice of Veg and Nonveg.

I choose Nonveg starters and Pineapples , guys trust me grilled pineapples are the best to eat so you should definetly try it.

Everyday Barbecue Nation makes little changes in their menu so for the day they served

1. Chicken Tikka

2. Pineapple

3. Chicken Malai Tikka

4. Fish Tikka

5. Mutton seek kebabs

6. Prawns ( sea food are subject to availability like places like Mumbai, Chennai has source of sea food so there you get much variety of sea food else you get regular fish and prawns)

The starters had 2 great thing,

#One the taste of each item is amazing. The raw materail which they used were fresh so it was juicy and soft.

#Secondly it was a live table as each item is kept over grill so it was sizzling hot which enhanced the experience of the food.I also enquired about the Veg starters, they had crispy corn, paneer and mushroom tikka, veg kebabs.

2. Road of the Main course :

Guys, honestly the starters will turn you down but dont stop after the starters Barbeque Nation serves great main course meal.

Nonveg meal :

1. Handi Biryani

2. Mutton Roganjosh

3. Murg Masala (variants)

4. Chilli chiken

5. Fish curry

6. Breads

Veg meal:

1. Handi Biryani

2. Rice

3. Dal Tadka

4. Paneer gravy variants

5. Kofta (variants)

6. Noodles

7. Breads

In addition to it, they might change their daily menu as per chef choice.Note : Do not skip Handi Biryani, it has a unforgetable taste.

3. Heavenly dessert :

If you want me do any work for you, treat me with desserts, I will be all yours😋😍😜Barbeque Nations desserts segment did it right, I was like Bhai karwa lo koi kaam agar karana hai toh…😂😆😂

Trust me guys the dessert items they served was directly from Heaven.

1. Gulab jamun

2. Kesar Phirnee

3. Brownie

4. Ice cream

5. Cheesecakes (variants)

6. Shahi tukda

7. Halwa

Guys truly each and every item they serve have a great taste. And yes it is just not about taste. The love and affection of the chef and employees made a great evening for me and an unforgetable journey of taste.

Value of food :

I used the term as #value as truly the meal at barbeque nation is value for money. It cost Rs. 833 per person.So for Rs. 833 you get to eat food untill you burst and lots of love and affection.So go and enjoy at Barbeque Nation outlet today.

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