Lockdown travel to Kitchen

Morning 8:00 clock, I wake up. The first word I say is, “Maa Can I get a cup of tea”, and everyday my mother comes towards me with a smile on face and a cup of Tea in her hand and say’s Good morning Beta, “Drink you tea”.

I kick start my day with the world best Tea and then I get ready to go to office. While getting ready, I can smell the fragrance of Desi Ghee which she uses to cook Chapatis as she knows I only prefer the Chapatis(Roti’s) and Veggies(sabji) in my breakfast.

During the morning time I always be in a rush and while I get in my car to go to office, She calls me, Beta wait you have forgotten your lunch bag, which is filled with Lunch box, water bottle and evening snacks.

I think my mother is a spy, I don’t know how come she get to know every day I forget to do my lunch, She calls at 3:00 P.M and say, “Son, I know you are in middle of heavy work pressure but (bhuke pet jung nahi jeeti jati)no war can be won in an empty stomach”.

In the evening when I reach home, I can already feel the taste of tongue boggling dinner.

My night ends with her last words “Goodnight Beta, I have made a turmeric Milk for you, do have it before you to go sleep”.

Friends from making my morning good to wishing me a good night, my mother’s plays a vital role our my life. She is like a unsung warrior of every house who continuously performs her duties towards her husband, son and daughters.

Each one of us who goes to office, always thinks that we are the ones who is working hard for their family and often thinks, what our mothers or wife does in the house.

The day when the lock-down started, my office is closed and I am staying at home. But the unsung warrior of my home My Mother is still working, even working harder as both me and my dad are demanding more from her.

She is not enjoying any work off or lockdown.

So Me and my father decided that we both will cook at least one meal per day and let my mom also enjoy her work off.

Friends trust me, now actually I am enjoying working in kitchen. I generated altogether a new passion of cooking. Cooking made me realize a recipe is not just about ingredients but it is something more.

The cooking involves science(process) art (timing and patience), love and emotions.

Every day I am trying new recipes which we all enjoy together. The lock-down now made us eat together at our dining table.

Although, roti abhi abhi bhi gol nahi ban rahi, lollz… (chapatis are not getting good shape) but my mother is teaching me every day and will learn soon.

We have also decided to make this as a legacy and will continue to cook regularly after the lock-down ends and will try to give week offs to my mother.

This lock-down I have traveled to My Home, My kitchen.

Few are the  images below of my recipes: 








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