Tadiandamol Trek

A famous trek in the southern Indian trekking culture. Tadiandamol Trek is one of the most talked-about treks between hikers and even experienced trekkers who launch their hikes in the western ghats. The trek also attracts many tourists to Madikeri or Coorg, a popular hill town.

Table of Contents

The trek takes you to the highest peak of the district of Kodagu and Karnataka’s third-highest peak.

Tadiandamol trek is a west ghat trek that falls through the Brahmagiri Range Forest Sanctuary.

Here you can trek through a combination of dense shola woods and crossings with lakes, a tapestry of gorgeous pastures. In addition to this, trekking in the clouds is something you certainly must experience when you reach the Tadiandamol peak.

The trek will test your stamina, even if you are a professional walker. Fit beginners can do this walk. But pass the tips and comprehensive hiking information to prepare it well.

We enjoy trekking just like you! And this is a journey that we have thoroughly recorded to help you do it on your own. Comments drop in at the bottom of the page if you need help! You will obtain all appropriate information on your own for the Tandiandamol Trek.

What to watch out for

View of the Green hills as you ascend to Tadiandamol peak

At 5,735 feet above sea level, the view from the top is incredible. The green hills can be seen scattered over the eyes. This spreads from the top in every direction.

The valleys are full of woods of evergreen color.

Often during the monsoon and post-monsoon time, this view is difficult for clouds across the whole country. Go before the beginning of the summer season to get a better picture.

Trekking through the stunning Shola forests of Evergreen

In valleys, in rolling grassland of higher mountainous regions the Shola forests are stunned tropical trees. The walk is a sanctuary for different fauna and flora.

You will spot the whole stretch of the trek on coffee estates and pepper plantations. In addition, you also have the Arecanut, Nutmeg, fishtail and several other arbours which cultivate here.

Trail Information

You’re likely to see many millipedes, versicolored Calotes, several butterfly species, and if you are fortunate to even see a serpent slithering on their way across the trail if you’re a keen observer on your stroll. If you walk in the monsoon or after monsoon season you will certainly have the leak business.

It is possible to divide Tadiandamol Trek into four parts. You can exclude the first segment until the Nalknad Palace if you take your own vehicle or jeep/car from Kakkabe. You are valid for the next three pages.

The road is direct from the junction until the Nalknad Palace is reached. The Naked Palace can easily be reached by a car. You can skip to the next section if you’re using your own car or read more on how to get there and then return.

At first, on this route, you will find a range of holiday houses and resorts, some 5-6 of which. You should book before you go on the trail if you intend to stay here for one night after the trip.

Taking a walk to spot different flora and fauna keep the eyes and ears open.

You will spot the whole stretch of the trek on coffee estates and pepper plantations. In addition, there are Arecanut trees (Betel nut), Nutmeg trees, fishtail palm trees, and many other trees in farmlands that rise.

Early morning trekking also leads to birds chirping.

Trekking and Zigzag roads to Nalknad palace for about 40 minutes. On your way down after the walk, visit this historic palace. You don’t want to waste your time on the way up to discover this.

It was the last place vehicles could go until early 2020. Up to the base of Tadiandamol concrete blocks had recently been laid down. The vehicles will go all the way up to the base when this happens.

The trek is now going up a gentler way from Nalknad to the base Tadiandamol through a mud and gravel segment, where the actual walk begins.

When you begin the trek from the Nalknad Palace, don’t skip the waterfall. Watch this unknown waterfall just five minutes into the trek if you are walking in the monsoon or post-moon season.

This is also marked in the GPX file so you don’t skip it. So don’t forget to download the file if this secret gem is to be visited.

Join this section and go back on the main trail of the trek for a few minutes.

From here, you’ve got a blend of broken iron lane, muddy gravel route, and concrete paths. The walk takes you again for nearly an hour through lush green foliage.

Half an hour on the trek, you can find the last house in the middle of which runs a small stream. Here you can recharge your bottle of water.

Tadiandamol’s base is just a 10-minute drive away. Watch the viewpoint to the right to look right in front of you at the whole area.

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