Tadiandamol Trek

A famous trek in the southern Indian trekking culture. Tadiandamol Trek is one of the most talked-about treks between hikers and even experienced trekkers who launch their hikes in the western ghats. The trek also attracts many tourists to Madikeri or Coorg, a popular hill town.

Table of Contents

The trek takes you to the highest peak of the district of Kodagu and Karnataka’s third-highest peak.

Tadiandamol trek is a west ghat trek that falls through the Brahmagiri Range Forest Sanctuary.

Here you can trek through a combination of dense shola woods and crossings with lakes, a tapestry of gorgeous pastures. In addition to this, trekking in the clouds is something you certainly must experience when you reach the Tadiandamol peak.

The trek will test your stamina, even if you are a professional walker. Fit beginners can do this walk. But pass the tips and comprehensive hiking information to prepare it well.

We enjoy trekking just like you! And this is a journey that we have thoroughly recorded to help you do it on your own. Comments drop in at the bottom of the page if you need help! You will obtain all appropriate information on your own for the Tandiandamol Trek.

What to watch out for

View of the Green hills as you ascend to Tadiandamol peak

At 5,735 feet above sea level, the view from the top is incredible. The green hills can be seen scattered over the eyes. This spreads from the top in every direction.

The valleys are full of woods of evergreen color.

Often during the monsoon and post-monsoon time, this view is difficult for clouds across the whole country. Go before the beginning of the summer season to get a better picture.

Trekking through the stunning Shola forests of Evergreen

In valleys, in rolling grassland of higher mountainous regions the Shola forests are stunned tropical trees. The walk is a sanctuary for different fauna and flora.

You will spot the whole stretch of the trek on coffee estates and pepper plantations. In addition, you also have the Arecanut, Nutmeg, fishtail and several other arbours which cultivate here.

Trail Information

You’re likely to see many millipedes, versicolored Calotes, several butterfly species, and if you are fortunate to even see a serpent slithering on their way across the trail if you’re a keen observer on your stroll. If you walk in the monsoon or after monsoon season you will certainly have the leak business.

It is possible to divide Tadiandamol Trek into four parts. You can exclude the first segment until the Nalknad Palace if you take your own vehicle or jeep/car from Kakkabe. You are valid for the next three pages.

The road is direct from the junction until the Nalknad Palace is reached. The Naked Palace can easily be reached by a car. You can skip to the next section if you’re using your own car or read more on how to get there and then return.

At first, on this route, you will find a range of holiday houses and resorts, some 5-6 of which. You should book before you go on the trail if you intend to stay here for one night after the trip.

Taking a walk to spot different flora and fauna keep the eyes and ears open.

You will spot the whole stretch of the trek on coffee estates and pepper plantations. In addition, there are Arecanut trees (Betel nut), Nutmeg trees, fishtail palm trees, and many other trees in farmlands that rise.

Early morning trekking also leads to birds chirping.

Trekking and Zigzag roads to Nalknad palace for about 40 minutes. On your way down after the walk, visit this historic palace. You don’t want to waste your time on the way up to discover this.

It was the last place vehicles could go until early 2020. Up to the base of Tadiandamol concrete blocks had recently been laid down. The vehicles will go all the way up to the base when this happens.

The trek is now going up a gentler way from Nalknad to the base Tadiandamol through a mud and gravel segment, where the actual walk begins.

When you begin the trek from the Nalknad Palace, don’t skip the waterfall. Watch this unknown waterfall just five minutes into the trek if you are walking in the monsoon or post-moon season.

This is also marked in the GPX file so you don’t skip it. So don’t forget to download the file if this secret gem is to be visited.

Join this section and go back on the main trail of the trek for a few minutes.

From here, you’ve got a blend of broken iron lane, muddy gravel route, and concrete paths. The walk takes you again for nearly an hour through lush green foliage.

Half an hour on the trek, you can find the last house in the middle of which runs a small stream. Here you can recharge your bottle of water.

Tadiandamol’s base is just a 10-minute drive away. Watch the viewpoint to the right to look right in front of you at the whole area.

Lockdown travel to Kitchen

Morning 8:00 clock, I wake up. The first word I say is, “Maa Can I get a cup of tea”, and everyday my mother comes towards me with a smile on face and a cup of Tea in her hand and say’s Good morning Beta, “Drink you tea”.

I kick start my day with the world best Tea and then I get ready to go to office. While getting ready, I can smell the fragrance of Desi Ghee which she uses to cook Chapatis as she knows I only prefer the Chapatis(Roti’s) and Veggies(sabji) in my breakfast.

During the morning time I always be in a rush and while I get in my car to go to office, She calls me, Beta wait you have forgotten your lunch bag, which is filled with Lunch box, water bottle and evening snacks.

I think my mother is a spy, I don’t know how come she get to know every day I forget to do my lunch, She calls at 3:00 P.M and say, “Son, I know you are in middle of heavy work pressure but (bhuke pet jung nahi jeeti jati)no war can be won in an empty stomach”.

In the evening when I reach home, I can already feel the taste of tongue boggling dinner.

My night ends with her last words “Goodnight Beta, I have made a turmeric Milk for you, do have it before you to go sleep”.

Friends from making my morning good to wishing me a good night, my mother’s plays a vital role our my life. She is like a unsung warrior of every house who continuously performs her duties towards her husband, son and daughters.

Each one of us who goes to office, always thinks that we are the ones who is working hard for their family and often thinks, what our mothers or wife does in the house.

The day when the lock-down started, my office is closed and I am staying at home. But the unsung warrior of my home My Mother is still working, even working harder as both me and my dad are demanding more from her.

She is not enjoying any work off or lockdown.

So Me and my father decided that we both will cook at least one meal per day and let my mom also enjoy her work off.

Friends trust me, now actually I am enjoying working in kitchen. I generated altogether a new passion of cooking. Cooking made me realize a recipe is not just about ingredients but it is something more.

The cooking involves science(process) art (timing and patience), love and emotions.

Every day I am trying new recipes which we all enjoy together. The lock-down now made us eat together at our dining table.

Although, roti abhi abhi bhi gol nahi ban rahi, lollz… (chapatis are not getting good shape) but my mother is teaching me every day and will learn soon.

We have also decided to make this as a legacy and will continue to cook regularly after the lock-down ends and will try to give week offs to my mother.

This lock-down I have traveled to My Home, My kitchen.

Few are the  images below of my recipes: 








Travel story with an Auto-rickshaw : Beyond religion, status and money !

Travel story with an Auto-rickshaw : Beyond religion, status and money !

In all of my stories, there is one constant person along with me, an auto-rickshaw driver of the city.

I always prefer an auto-rickshaw over a cab whenever I travel to any place.

An auto-rickshaw driver is a local man who is well connected to his city, the roads, people, culture and practices. He guides you well about the stories of the place. Its like whenever you board a cab you will enjoy the fragrance of any car perfume (godrej, ambi pur ) in each and every new place, whether you go to Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata or Bhopal.

But when you board a auto-rickshaw, you can feel the essence of the place. The fragrance of the food, the sound of ferry wala’s and shop keeper’s, and the music of people talking to each other.

Its like, seher aapko apni kaahani khud bayan kar raha ho.


The story:

So, today I will tell you the story of auto-rickshaw driver Mr. Ali who was a part of my Udaipur story. The story revolves around 4 people, my friend Animesh, Shivkant, me and our auto-rickshaw driver Ali.

We went to Udaipur for 2 days, we started our journey from Bhopal by train. From starting our journey became adventurous which I will share some other time. We reached Udaipur at 4 a.m in the morning. Unlike other city station the station of Udaipur was very silent. There were only few people to receive their guests.

It was the first time when we were visiting the city, so it was little strange for us to identify the modes of transport. Then I saw an auto-rickshaw, I aksed him, Bhaiya Chaloge??

He without any delay came closer and said Haa Bhai le jaane k liye hi toh khara hun ( yes, I am here to drop to your destination).

Then he asked where you will go; We mentioned the name of our hotel Kahori Haveli.

He asked for Rs 350.

I checked for the distance, it was 4.2 k.m I told him Rs. 300 for just 4 k.m, and asked why he is charging so high.

Night charges, he said.

Then my friend asked me, lets not waste any time and take the auto.

We reached our hotel, thereafter we decided to take some rest and wait for the morning for exploring the city.

It was 9:30 a.m in morning we stepped out from our hotel to explore the city. I have shared few blogs on Udaipur which you can read visiting my blog page:


Guys, while travelling we noticed, each spot of the city is within 2-4 k.m radius but the moment you book a auto-rickshaw they ask for Rs. 150 as like they have made a standard rate for the tourist.

So, we gave nearly Rs. 1000 till evening.

So after exploring the various spots, we decided to go and enjoy some good food and time.

So we were waiting for an auto-rickshaw in front of our hotel. Just like from morning auto-rickshaw came and asked for Rs. 200 . Listening to this, I got irritated and told him Bhai I will prefer walking as we are travelers and we cant waste our money for the sake of some union against the tourist.

When I was shouting, another auto-rickshaw was near by, seeing and listening to this he came near us and asked Bhai Kaha Jana Hai (where you want to go?), I prompted Bhai kahi nahi jana hai (we don’t want to go anywhere). Then my friend asked me to chill and he said the name of the restaurant to him.

He then mentioned, ohh this is within 3 k.m and asked us to give Rs. 30.

Getting the quote from him, we decided to step up to his auto.

When we checked in- he asked us about our name and the place we belong from.

After telling our names, I asked him about his name. He said his name is Ali and he is a local resident living in the city from more than 40 years.

While in road to the restaurant, he was talking about the ill practices of auto-drivers of charging high, he added the ill-practices of few hamper the image of our people and city.

By then, we reached our restaurant, we gave him the money. Then he said Bhai till what time you will be at this place.

I told him, we will stay for 2-3 hours uptill 11 p.m or so, he said he will come by 11 p.m and will drop us back to hotel.

We did not mind and we went inside our hotel.

We enjoyed some good Rajasthani food with glass of booze.

So around, 11 p.m we stepped out and we were surprised to see the Ali waiting for us to drove back to hotel.

I thought this time he want to charge us more as it was night time and he will take advantage of the timing.

I asked for the charge, he said for Rs. 40.

While dropping us, in the middle he asked for our next days plan. We mentioned him our wish to explore our remaining spots.

He then asked us, if we desire we can book him for whole day.

That was a good idea as we will get a local guide and vehicle. I asked for the money, he said don’t worry, I will ask for the genuine rates.

Anyway we were too high and tired, so we said Ok and rest we can discuss tomorrow.

Next day 9 in the morning he was right there at our lobby.

After checking out, we boarded the auto, there after we started a conversation.

Ali bhai then asked to us visit the Sajjangarh Monsoon Palace at the beginning as it is at hill top and will take the maximum time.

We agreed for the same.

We reached at the gate, and the visit to palace will take 2-3 hours so I was concerned for our luggage. So i clicked the photo of the number plate of the auto.

Looking to this, he laughed and said me Abhijeet, you are young like my son and I cant run away and steal your luggage. So do not worry. Still you can take my information for your safety.

Listening to him, i got embarrassed but was worried at the same time.

We were up there at Palace for 2-3 hours.

Reaching back to the entrance, Ali Bhai was waiting for us at the same place.

Thereafter he took us to many spots.

There after one incident which embarrassed us and opened our eyes towards humanity for the life time.

Meanwhile exploring the city, we were enjoying our moment, spots and food. We also were also exchanging few words with him (Ali).


He suddenly took out a lunch box, and offered a churma laddoo. At the first instance we said no, but then when he insisted we had to take one.

Thereafter we were looking at each other and kept the laddoo in our hands, thinking of that it might be a trap ( wo bolte hain na ki apki soch hi galat ho toh apko har chiz main shak hota hai) but then it was obvious as you hear such incident very often.

So, for a very long time, we kept the ladoo in our hands, after a while Ali bhai told us ki brother’s please don’t throw the ladoo’s as its hard work of my daughter.

Hearing to this, we got numb, he was watching us from his rear view mirror.

We did not understand, what to say then i said ki bhaiya we are full due to our lunch so we will eat after a while.

He said, khane k baad meetha khana chaiye, or aap bole aapko khana pasand hai jabi toh diya main aapko.

His words, made us numb and embarrassed. There after we were silent.

Now it was 5 in evening, we had to board our Bhopal train from Chittorgarh , so we asked him to drop us to taxi stand.

We reached to taxi stand, there also he himself bargained for us for reasonable rates.

While off-boarding from auto, we asked for the money, we were convinced that he will ask for Rs. 1000 to Rs. 1500.

He then, before asking his money he said, “इंसानियत कभी नहीं मरती, मानव के अंदर का वो इंसान ही मर जाता हैं, जो इंसानियत को कायम रखता हैं “

It’s not your fault my dear, its like the humanity has died in this earth, so we have forgotten to believe at each other.

Anyways you all are like age of my son who is living out for his studies, he also struggle for money like you, so I try to help people in the thought, if I don’t good to others, how can I expect from people to help my child. SO you people give me just Rs. 500 for the whole day, Rs. 400 for the price of petrol and Rs. 100 for my hardship.

And again I am asking you, if you don’t like to eat ladoo, please do not throw it, please return me back.

His whole words, made us numb again, trust me I got emotional tough i controlled my tears but it was not less than that.

Then we said, nahi Ali bhaiya, we will eat your ladoo’s as it is a token of love and message for humanity.

We gave him his money, said him meet again if we come and boarded our cab.

While our drive to Chittorgarh, we remained silent looking outside the at the roads.

I started eating the ladoo, it was a traditional choorma ladoo but it tasted different from what I have eaten earlier as it had the sweetness of love, for me it was not choorma ladoo, I named it as a Insaniyat ladoo.

I don’t know about my friends but this Udaipur travel changed my perception of looking towards the people.

Friends this is what traveling is, this is the magic of traveling. Its like every time you travel you add a new version to your life.

and so I always say, whenever I travel: Ek adha khud ko chor aata hun, or ek pura saath le aata hun.

Auto-rickshaw driver Ali Bhaiya at my right and my friend Shivkant Nair sitting on top

Pushkar Fair : A story of 10 Rs note

Evening 5 me and my travel buddy for the trip Photographer Ankita Shrivastava started our journey to Pushkar from the capital of Indian state Madhya Pradesh “Bhopal”.

We started our journey with a question, What is travelling for us?

As this is the most common question asked by our freinds and relatives. So I asked Ankita , What makes her travel to new places??

She smiled and said for me to travel is to capture the moments in my camera. I said, it was but obvious for the photographer DNA in you and I laughed back.

Then she asked me to answer the same question.

I usually give a lame answer to all, that traveling makes me happy.

But trust me it is more than the happiness factor. Actually, I believe there are two ways of living life or rather enriching our lives. One to continue what you do in your daily life and just be yourself OR everyday experience yourself as a new human being as a better person than before. So while traveling I become the later one.

Whenever I travel to any place I meet so many people, an encounter their culture, language, practices, food habits and much more. Whenever I travel, I add some traits in my personality.

Image courtesy: Ankita Shrivastava (earth_ _kissed)

It’s always like, Ek adha khud ko main chor ata hu or ek adha pura main saath le aata hu.

With this line, Ankita said I got it Abhijeet, you gave a detail explanation which I will remember for life , so ab bas kar dude and then we both started laughing.

Why Pushkar ?

  1. This city has the only temple of Lord shri Bramha Ji
  2. Pushkar fest

I have been keep sharing in many of my blogs about the diversity of Indian Culture and religion. If we just keep following the religion significance of the place, we can explore almost each and every part of our country and its incredible legacy.

Image courtesy: Ankita Shrivastava (earth_ _kissed)

travelandfoodstories on Pushkar Mela :

Whenever we hear the word mela a colorful picture of joy comes to our mind. Food, games, amusement, lights, camera and many smiling faces.

But the story behind the #colours are not the same like what it looks to us. You might have read 100’s of articles on Pushkar fest or you might have seen news reports on the Pushkar Mela, from 15 crores bull to Kailash Kher’s performance.

But in this post, I would like to flip the coin. Let’s see the stories behind the color. Let’s see the shades of grey lies between the colors.

So, imagine you are in mela, what will be the value of Rs. 10 for you ?

May be a bottle of water or a plate of chaat (indian snack) or a ice cream candy, right?

But in mela for me the value of Rs. 10 note was the cost of a photo of a lost childhood.

Rs. 10 was the cost of a child education

Rs. 10 was the cost of an old man who is searching for peace and food for his life.

In my 2 days of stay at Pushkar I have met many localities, captured hundreds of moments, now here I want to share story of Bhawarlal Singh and Jr. Shiva.

So on 9th November 2019 morning, we reached Pushkar. Thereafter we took an auto and asked him to take us to Mela ground.

While in transit from our resort to Mela ground, I asked my auto-rickshaw friend about the city and places to explore. There he gave me a rough idea about the Mela and other places to visit. After then he dropped us at Mela ground.

So finally we landed at the place, we looked at each other and smiled back, deep inside our heart we both said the same line, “one more wish fulfilled from our Bucket list”. #pushkarmela done 😁😁

Clip courtesy: Abhijeet Das (travelandfoodstories)

So now we were on, we were moving our eyes in all the direction. And all I could see is people, camel, and horses. It was like the whole world has gathered at a single place. (it sare janwar eksath )

We saw horses and camel which were kept for display. People were taking camel rides. Many of them were eating food. But most of them were clicking the photographs.

Basically, Pushkar mela is an attraction for photographers and bloggers from each part of the world. They come and capture the mela and the city and create their stories.

We too were one of them. So Ankita took out her gadgets and I took out my pen and we both were ready to create our story.

On one side, we saw the stalls and on the other side, we saw the desert area where we saw a few locals sitting near their tents.

So before entering me, I said to Ankita, that let us talk to the local people on the other side and try and know about the place. She agreed and we both went towards a man and women sitting in the desert.

While reaching towards them, the man sitting there, said to us Beta (dear) please give us 10 rs we both are hungry then you can click our picture.

We both could not understand anything, but then they were hungry so we agreed to pay money to them.

Then I tried to have a conversation with the couple and Ankita was trying to take some shots of faces of Pushkar.

Image courtesy: Ankita Shrivastava (earth_ _kissed)
Image courtesy: Ankita Shrivastava (earth_ _kissed)

The name of the man was Bhawarlal Singh and name of the lady was Savita . After knowing each other’s name, I tried to know them more about the place and Mela.

Thereafter Bhawarlal, had an outburst of his emotion, maybe his hunger or anger but he gave me a real truth and question.

He said Mela is all about people coming from all across the globe and making stories. Like you people came to us and asked us to click the picture. It is a business, we were hungry so we asked for money and you want to take our picture to exhibit to the world. But what you want to exhibit our poverty and helplessness?

His words made us numb and we both turned off our gadgets. Seeing this, Bhawarlal said my dear don’t feel bad, i got little emotional from my hunger so I said it. So you people please do your job as nothing can change.

Yes, Bhawarlal Ji was right at that time we could not do anything except helping them with some cash.

After a reality check for Bhawarlal, we both decided to spend some time with the couple, so as to share some happy moments with them.

Image courtesy: Ankita Shrivastava (earth_ _kissed)

After spending some time with them, and creating some trell we decided to enter the Mela ground.

After crossing the road we entered the Mela ground. There all we could see where thousands of heads walking down the street.

We also saw many photographers and bloggers clicking the photo and creating stories for their blogs.

Guys, now I want to share few images with you all and a question which came in our minds (which was also triggered by Bhawarlal Ji)

Image courtesy: Ankita Shrivastava (earth_ _kissed)
Image courtesy: Ankita Shrivastava (earth_ _kissed)
Image courtesy: Ankita Shrivastava (earth_ _kissed)

Guys what you felt after watching the above portraits or rather what caption will you give to these images

Faces of India! , Vibrant Rajasthan! Or Pushkar Stories 2019, Right?

But, guys I have a different story to Share. I would like to caption “the grey shades of India”.

You might be thinking why this travel and food blog is taking an off-track negative turn.

But friends I can’t stop myself to highlight the fact. Indeed Pushkar mela is one of the biggest mela in India attracting lakhs and crores of tourists, generating crores of Income and employment for the locals.

But is this a real employment, kids are walking in the street with makeup on their face attracting people like us for Rs. 10.

Yes for a 10 rs note, which will fill their empty stomach at night.

But the same 10 rs note is motivating them to continue the same work.

The same 10 rs note made them away from their childhood.

And yes the same 10 rs note made them away from their right to education.

We just shared a few images, there were hundreds of people who were dressed fancy and hundreds of us taking and talking for our blogs.

When I and my travel buddy Ankita Shrivastava planned our trip to Pushkar, we both wanted to take such shots, we both wanted colorful stories which we could share with you all, but today we are not happy.

We ended up our journey with a question, whether these were the vibrant colors of Pushkar or Grey shade story?

And then I came out of the story of 10 rs note.

This time I am also leaving you all with a question, Is this is a legacy of our country?

Please do share your views! Mail us at

Barbeque Nation : The love affair of grills and more

It is often said, (दिल का रास्ता पेट से होता है) the road to the heart is through a satisfied stomach.😋😋😋

This story of mine can’t have a better line… 😀 Guys before sharing the food experience with Barbeque Nation, Bhopal I would like share a small story which made me fall for the employees of Barbeque Nation.

I booked my table at Barbeque Nation Bhopal in the last slot of 10.30 P.M, as the whole meal experience takes nearly 2 hours so they closes their booking by 10.30 P.M.

So, i reached at my time slot. The table was set with the grills , coal and fire. For my better experience, Executive Chef Jabbal and table attendent Mr. Vikas were assigned for my food journey at Barbeque Nation, Bhopal. Guys, i will share my food experience on the later part of my blog, but the intresting part in this story is during my dessert sessions.

So, after I made my flag down of grilled starters, I jumped to my main cource where I saw Chafing dish of Biryani and Mutton Rogan Josh, actually I am obsessed with this two food items, biryani and mutton rogan josh, their name, looks, taste I mean I love everything about these two.But, hard time…….

The moment I opened the bowl of Mutton Rogan it was empty. I asked my attendent Mr. Vikas if he could bring it for me.

He said, certainly he will go to the kitchen and check for it, he asked me to take my seat and enjoy the rest of my food.

I was eating my half love biryani 😋 and my heart was eagerly waiting for my other half Mutton Roganjosh.

I saw Chef Jabbal coming towards me, his face lost his smile which he carried everytime he came during the cource. He came to me and said sorry Mr. Abhijeet Mutton RoganJosh is no more with us in the kitchen.😢😢

He further asked me if I could help myself with Chicken Tikka Masala.Trust me guys, It sounded like a death scene in the hospital and it broke my heart.

But then, I said to the Chef with a smile, that it’s ok I will be fine with Biryani. Then I ended up with my main cource and went to desserts sections. While having the last scoop of my icecream, suddenly I could see both Chef Jabbal and Vikas coming towards me with a bowl. Now i was curious, what they are bringing now (ab kya la rahe yeh bhai).

As i was complete full and now i cant take anynore ( fat jayga bhai pet)😂😂😂

They both came at my table, this time their face had even a more brighter smile. They kept a bowl of Mutton Rogan Josh infront of me.

Guys truly that time my eyes got the shape of heart smiley😍😍😁

Chef Jabbal said, “Sir you came for the first time to our Barbeque Nation Bhopal, we cant let your wish down. So we specially cooked for you, please have it. “Trust me these words of kindness and hospitality made me fall for them at that very next moment.

I said to them, I am so delighted fron their gesture. No matter about the taste but the love and hospitality you added in your food made it taste the best.Although i was about to burst still i manage to taste it.

Guys it was 12.30 A.M their kitchen was under closing for the day. Still just to make me sattisfied, they cooked specially for me.Isnt a recipe of love which they brought for me?????????😍

In my food journey as a blogger or even like a person I went to many restaurants but very few of us could manage to serve not just food but Love in their menu and Team Barbeque Nation Bhopal you will be on my top charts.

Tnf-pedia about the Barbeque Nation, Bhopal:

Barbeque nation, Bhopal is a chain of Indian Restaurant located in more than 140 places across India with headquaters in Bangaluru. It is also located in foriegn countries like Dubai, Malaysia, Oman and many more.In bhopal they launched their outlet on 11th October 2019.

Where ?

Stc 2nd floor Virasha Bawariya Kala, Gulmohar Colony Bhopal M.PFor the best route in current traffic visit :

Food Story at Barbeque Nation Bhopal :

Note : Do not turn down the flag untill you are done with your food.

As barbeque nation has a tradition that they will serve food untill the flag at your table is straight.

The concept of barbeque nation is, a 3 cource meal where a live coal grill is placed at your table with coal and fire thenFirstly veg and non veg starters will be kept for you over the grill where you can serve yourself as per your choice of items.

Thereafter you can have maincource veg and non veg buffet.

Last but not the least exotic desserts waits for you to give a tongue boggling taste to your pallet.

1. About the Starters :

Barbeque Nation offers you some mouth watering veg and non veg grills. The attender will ask you about your choice of Veg and Nonveg.

I choose Nonveg starters and Pineapples , guys trust me grilled pineapples are the best to eat so you should definetly try it.

Everyday Barbecue Nation makes little changes in their menu so for the day they served

1. Chicken Tikka

2. Pineapple

3. Chicken Malai Tikka

4. Fish Tikka

5. Mutton seek kebabs

6. Prawns ( sea food are subject to availability like places like Mumbai, Chennai has source of sea food so there you get much variety of sea food else you get regular fish and prawns)

The starters had 2 great thing,

#One the taste of each item is amazing. The raw materail which they used were fresh so it was juicy and soft.

#Secondly it was a live table as each item is kept over grill so it was sizzling hot which enhanced the experience of the food.I also enquired about the Veg starters, they had crispy corn, paneer and mushroom tikka, veg kebabs.

2. Road of the Main course :

Guys, honestly the starters will turn you down but dont stop after the starters Barbeque Nation serves great main course meal.

Nonveg meal :

1. Handi Biryani

2. Mutton Roganjosh

3. Murg Masala (variants)

4. Chilli chiken

5. Fish curry

6. Breads

Veg meal:

1. Handi Biryani

2. Rice

3. Dal Tadka

4. Paneer gravy variants

5. Kofta (variants)

6. Noodles

7. Breads

In addition to it, they might change their daily menu as per chef choice.Note : Do not skip Handi Biryani, it has a unforgetable taste.

3. Heavenly dessert :

If you want me do any work for you, treat me with desserts, I will be all yours😋😍😜Barbeque Nations desserts segment did it right, I was like Bhai karwa lo koi kaam agar karana hai toh…😂😆😂

Trust me guys the dessert items they served was directly from Heaven.

1. Gulab jamun

2. Kesar Phirnee

3. Brownie

4. Ice cream

5. Cheesecakes (variants)

6. Shahi tukda

7. Halwa

Guys truly each and every item they serve have a great taste. And yes it is just not about taste. The love and affection of the chef and employees made a great evening for me and an unforgetable journey of taste.

Value of food :

I used the term as #value as truly the meal at barbeque nation is value for money. It cost Rs. 833 per person.So for Rs. 833 you get to eat food untill you burst and lots of love and affection.So go and enjoy at Barbeque Nation outlet today.

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