Travel story with an Auto-rickshaw : Beyond religion, status and money !

Travel story with an Auto-rickshaw : Beyond religion, status and money ! In all of my stories, there is one constant person along with me, an auto-rickshaw driver of the city. I always prefer an auto-rickshaw over a cab whenever I travel to any place. An auto-rickshaw driver is a local man who is well [...]

Pushkar Fair : A story of 10 Rs note

Evening 5 me and my travel buddy for the trip Photographer Ankita Shrivastava started our journey to Pushkar from the capital of Indian state Madhya Pradesh "Bhopal". We started our journey with a question, What is travelling for us? As this is the most common question asked by our freinds and relatives. So I asked [...]

Barbeque Nation : The love affair of grills and more

It is often said, (दिल का रास्ता पेट से होता है) the road to the heart is through a satisfied stomach.😋😋😋 This story of mine can't have a better line... 😀 Guys before sharing the food experience with Barbeque Nation, Bhopal I would like share a small story which made me fall for the employees [...]

Holi : stories of colors and food

Incredible India, the land of God and festivals. India being a diverse cultured country celebrates each festivals with full joy and happiness, each festival has a significance and celebration. Apart from religious sentiments I believe that in today's era when everybody is busy handling their professional and daily pressures and here there is no time [...]