Inquilaab Zindabaad: Travel stories with patriotic soul Bhagat Singh !!!!

Inquilaab Zindabaad: Travel stories with patriotic soul !!!! It was my third day at Lucknow, In the past two days I have nearly covered every corner of the city. Well last night while signing of the day, my rickshaw driver told me "Janaab you have already covered all the place so tomorrow start a bit [...]

Sula Vineyard

Sula Vineyard: WINE A BIT YOU WILL FEEL BETTER BUT IT FEELS BEST AT SULA VINEYARD Ask any Globetrotter where to visit in Maharashtra, he will show you the map heading to Sula Vineyard, Sula-Vineyard is one of the India's Biggest and finest Winery. It was the first Winery in Nashik which attracted many other [...]

Malai ki gilori : Lucknavi Malai Paan

Lets talk about a word , "Delicacy" commonly this word is associated with food, a food which is soft in texture, a rare or expensive food which is good to eat. I do not know, when and who gave this term but I know the about a food which suits best for this term. Malai [...]

Nimish – a melt in mouth dessert :

Nimish - a melt in mouth dessert : Nimish also known as Makhan Malai at Mathura and even Daulat ki Chaat at Delhi. Knowing about this dessert, it has been originated at Mathura city but believe me this dessert may have been given to us direct from heaven. As soon as you take a scoop [...]

Lucknow food tales : Part 1

Attention Readers : If you are foodoholic and can't stop your self from eating some delicious food, please be cautious!!!!!!!!!! Soon you have to take a off from work because once you finish reading the story I am sure you will rush to the streets of Lucknow. 😛 😛 😛 Friends I have been at [...]